First dibs: JU Signatures — Dim sum with lava salted egg orh-nee mochi and swan-shaped treats helmed by ex-restaurant chef

Serangoon Gardens has introduced a new dim sum restaurant, JU Signatures, which opened on 14 June 2022. JU Signatures prides itself on its restaurant-quality, Instagrammable dishes, helmed by former restaurant and hotel chef, Wong Kok Shyong.

ju signatures - chef wong kok shyong

50-year-old Chef Wong, a veteran in Chinese cuisine, was a chef at one of Singapore’s top Chinese restaurants for 15 years.

Specialising in dim sum and mooncakes, Chef Wong has worked in esteemed five and six-star hotel restaurants in Singapore and Jakarta, including St. Regis Hotel and JW Marriott.

ju signatures - har gao gems

The signature dishes at the new restaurant are incredibly eye-catching, such as the multi-coloured JU Treasures Trio: Tri-Coloured Har Gow (S$7.80), consisting of three vibrant prawn dumplings: the white one is an original har gow with prawn fillings, the pink one consists of prawn and fish, and the blue one contains prawn and crab meat.

ju signatures - wok fried chilli crab in mantou tureen

Meanwhile, Wok-fried Chilli Crab in Mantou Tureen With A Lid (S$8.80) comes with an adorable tureen-shaped mantou filled with chilli crab. I’ll admit that this was my first time trying chilli crab, and I absolutely fell in love with the flavourful elements of the sauce and the golden mantou.

ju signatures - yuan yang love swans

The Yuan Yang Love Swans with Golden ‘Lychee‘ Ball (S$10.80) is a stunning dish made to resemble two swans. The ‘Lychee’ ball in the middle is actually filled with prawn and covered in crisp keropok.

ju signatures - yuan yang love swans

The black swan contains molten salted egg lava and mochi, while the golden one is filled with yam paste and meat. Personally, this was my favourite out of all the dishes and is a must-try.

ju signatures - quintessential four

The Quintessential Four (S$10.80) is the ultimate sampling dish, containing four pieces of dim sum: the JU 6-Mushroom Vegetarian Pau, Lavalicious Orh-Nee Salted Egg Sesame Ball, Crisp-fried Pork and Chives Dumpling in California Roll style, and Phoenix Tail Siew Mai.

With each dim sum providing different flavours and textures, ranging from sweet to savoury and soft to crispy, this dish was a delight to savour.

ju signatures - fried dim sum

If you prefer more classic dim sum dishes, JU Signatures has got you covered too.

Their other dishes include Pan-fried Carrot Cake (S$5.20 for three pieces), Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Custard Salted Egg Lava Buns (S$5.80 for three pieces) and Golden Brown Crisp Prawn Dumplings (S$5.80 for three pieces).

The biggest surprise was the Crisp-fried Prawn Roll with Banana (S$6.80), which magnificently combined sweet and savoury elements harmoniously.

ju signatures - orh nee tart and chilled soursop

What better way to end off your meal than with dessert?

Dig into the Signature Duo Platter (S$9.80), which comes with a Baked Orh-Nee Tart with Gingko Nuts and Chilled Soursop Delight. The orh-nee paste was smooth and fragrant, while the soursop dessert was sweet and sour with a lovely yoghurt-like taste (although no actual yoghurt is used in the making!).

ju signatures - interior

I was incredibly impressed by the creativity of the dishes at JU Signatures. They certainly stood out from offerings at other dim sum restaurants, and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every dish. I can safely say that I will return in the future for another Instagram-worthy dim sum meal!

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

JU Signatures

4 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556682

Our Rating 5/5

JU Signatures

4 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556682

Telephone: +65 8876 7498
Operating Hours: 9am - 2.30pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 8876 7498

Operating Hours: 9am - 2.30pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon
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