Julie’s Biscuits celebrates empowerment with a new brand facelift

You know one of those bucket lists we have when we reach our birthdays? A list of things and traits to check off so we can hold time and never age. But to spin this hackneyed yet painfully true adage around, it’s a refreshing signal of optimism. And someone comes to mind: a cheerful girl in her red hairband and blue dungaree, looking upwards. Well, it’s sweet ol’ Julie, who aged backwards. With a new spirited logo facelift, Julie’s Biscuits’ brand refreshment is a reminder of all the potential a heritage brand has and can be.

Julie's Biscuits New Logo
Credit – Julie’s Biscuits

It’s one thing to have a handy snack of sweet cream biscuits; it’s another when it’s a household brand that accompanied your childhood. And you know it’s the latter when their short film encompassing their journey through the years tugs at your heartstrings. “Operation Maybe”, released on Julie’s YouTube, Social Media and digital platforms on 1st January 2021, is Julie’s Biscuits message of empowerment and presenting their rejuvenated, confident voice to the world.

Operation Maybe

Crossing the line of uncertainty, they’re forging ahead in hope, celebrating a milestone with their animated, vibrant new wrapper that still holds their signature biscuit selection, with uncompromised quality and tastes. It’s a youthful Julie, but Julie’s will always be Julie’s. 

Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich

Peanut Butter is a biscuit essential, and there is really none other than Julie’s Peanut Butter Sandwich. There’s no spirit that can’t be lifted with this creamy and crisp golden circle. The same goes for the classic Cheese sandwich, a sweet and salty favourite.

Julie's Cheese sandwich

It’s difficult to find a brand that does oat biscuits justice, but Julie’s does. Their Oat 25 series features Oat 25 Ten Grains, with Australian rolled oat blended with nine whole grains and seeds for that burst of taste, texture and health. For some melt-in-the-mouth or fruity bursts of goodness, their Chocolate Hazelnut and Strawberry still serves. And rest assured, their Love Letters, Le-mond Cream Puff Sandwich and other classics are still baked to perfection. It’s still the biscuit that you have tins of, the one you probably had one too many throughout the day.

Julie's Oat 25 Series

The new Julie is looking upwards, seemingly into the future with hope. It may come across as an imperfection, a divergence from her determined, straight stare, but she’s looking exactly where she needs to.


The newly packaged Julie’s Biscuits is available in supermarkets and stores now.

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