JYPSY: New Lunch Menu With Beef Fried Rice & Tempura Chirashi Don In Robertson Quay


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In our previous foray into JYPSY’s menu, we’ve gotten a taste of the scrumptious dishes that PS.Cafe’s casual Japanese concept has to offer. From salmon tacos to wok hei unagi rice, the innovative Japanese fare on the menu is a pleasant surprise.

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With the release of their new lunch menu, we headed back to Martin Road for a taste.

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Stepping back into JYPSY for lunch again was like coming home, from the wooden nautical design to the fisherman paper lanterns which evoked a sense of calm. There’s just something about the clean lines and rustic theme that made this a relaxing hangout spot.

The new lunch menu focuses more on individual plates, though of course, you’re welcome to share.

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We started off the lunch with six slices of the Bluefin Tuna (S$24). Topped with an assortment of shichimi furikake, avruga caviar and pickled wasabi, this was a decadent start to the meal.

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Placing a slice in my mouth brought forth the briny notes from the caviar, which mingled with savoury furikake and piquant wasabi.

Each piece of tuna simply melted in my mouth. The lingering oceanic flavour only surfaced near the end of the bite, though it was fresh enough to not be too fishy.

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Moving on to one of the lunch menu exclusives, we had the Tempura Snapper Chirashi (S$16). Unlike the usual chirashi bowls which only come with raw fish and rice, this dish had tempura snapper, egg omelette, flying fish roe and green tea tartar.

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Lightly battered, the crispy tempura snapper had a good contrast of batter and flaky fish. I particularly liked the fluffy shredded egg omelette, which added slightly sweet notes to the dish.

The flying fish roe completed the chirashi bowl with briny pops of flavour.

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Another dish that’s exclusive to the lunch menu is the Katsu Sando — a fancier and heartier version of the usual lunch sandwiches. You can choose between Katsu Chicken (S$16) or Iberico Pork Cutlet (S$18).

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Served in four bite-sized portions, the Katsu Sando looked rather unassuming. Even though the portions looked quite lean, one bite soon proved me wrong.

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I opted for the Iberico pork and it was much juicier than I expected. While the pork cutlet wasn’t the most tender, the tangy Japanese BBQ miso sauce helped to make the jaw work less tedious.

Shredded cabbage and grilled shishito made up the greens in the sandwich and added a good amount of crunch as well.

Jypsy New Lunch Set Menu 2019 10

If you’d like something more substantial for lunch, the Tajima Beef Fried Rice (S$23++) should be your top pick. This ‘All Day Bowl’ comes with grilled Wagyu beef and kombu butter fried rice served with pickles on the side.

Jypsy New Lunch Set Menu 2019 16

While the beef came in thin slices, it still required a bit more jaw work than I expected. For those of you who prefer more bite and chewiness in your meat, you’d like this.

The fried rice, on the other hand, was the real highlight of this dish. Fragrant with an almost wok hei smokiness, there were even bits of diced beef mixed into the rice for added savouriness. The pickles also helped to cut through the richness of the dish, and I easily wolfed down most of the bowl.

Jypsy New Lunch Set Menu 2019 18

If you still have time during lunch, finish off your meal with JYPSY’s carefully crafted desserts. The Coconut Matcha Panna Cotta (S$11) was one of my favourite parts of the meal.

Smooth and wobbly, it’s one of those desserts that you just have to take for the ‘gram. The bittersweet matcha syrup was drizzled over a panna cotta base, with coconut milk used for an artistic touch.

I liked how this wasn’t too sweet, with lingering bittersweet notes from the matcha.

Jypsy New Lunch Set Menu 2019 20

Those who prefer something even lighter on the palate can try the Zingy Lemon Yuzu Sorbet (S$9). Anything yuzu always serves as a great palate cleanser, so combining it with citrusy lemon made it even better.

Cold, tangy and light, this dessert was a great refreshing end to the meal.

Jypsy New Lunch Set Menu 2019 4

If you’re feeling a little cheeky on lunch break, treat yourself to a tipple or two. The Hot Yuzu Margarita (S$19) has just enough kick to help you make it through the rest of your dreary workday.

Made with a tequila base, this cocktail also contains yuzu and calamansi with a spicy chilli powder kick. It’s rimmed with sour plum powder for that lip-puckering hit of sourness too.

Honestly, I really enjoyed this cocktail. As someone who loves anything spicy, the chilli added an enjoyable lingering heat which crept down my throat as I sipped the drink. The citrusy notes helped to keep this a light and refreshing drink that certainly woke me up from the lunch hour food coma.

So, if you’re looking for a lunch spot with scrumptious bites, keep JYPSY in mind. I highly recommend the Tempura Snapper Chirashi and the Zingy Lemon Yuzu Sorbet!

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Expected Damage: S$25 – S$40 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


38A Martin Road, #01-02, Singapore 239072

Our Rating 4/5


38A Martin Road, #01-02, Singapore 239072

Telephone: +65 6708 9288
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 4pm (Lunch, Daily), 5.30pm - 11pm (Dinner, Daily)
Telephone: +65 6708 9288

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 4pm (Lunch, Daily), 5.30pm - 11pm (Dinner, Daily)
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