Surf, sip & savour: A foodie’s guide to Kallang Wave Mall

Kallang Wave Mall is the ultimate shopping, dining and entertainment destination in the heart of Singapore’s Kallang district. With its avant-garde design and state-of-the-art facilities, it is not your typical shopping centre. This awe-inspiring mall is a true masterpiece, reflecting Singapore’s innovative spirit and the city’s commitment to sustainability.

kwm - mall
Credit – Singapore Sports Hub

The mall boasts an impressive selection of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, ranging from high-end boutiques to trendy cafes and gourmet restaurants. Whether you’re a shopaholic looking for the latest fashion trends or a foodie in search of culinary delights, Kallang Wave Mall has everything you need to satisfy your cravings.

Now, sit back and relax (and take notes), as we bring you the top 10 spots for foodies to enjoy at Kallang Wave Mall.

1. Al Capone’s (#01-15)

kwm - al capones
Credit – Singapore Sports Hub

Brainchild of musician and DJ turned entrepreneur Anil Goswami, Al Capone’s is inspired by the Prohibition Era gangster whose booze kept America partying. It’s a theme that resonates very well here— there are 12 Al Capone’s outlets in Singapore already.

The menu is laden heavily with every kind of alcohol you could wish for but its Italian-inspired food is just as big a draw.

kwm - mafia wings

Some of the good starters include the Tomato Bruschetta (S$8.90). It may not be the most unique appetiser, but it’s one of my favourites. The Parma Ham Bruschetta (S$12.90) is a bigger appetiser if you’ve got the space to spare. However, the star of the show is their Mafia Wings (S$12.90). This Cajun-spiced chicken is served with Al Capone’s legendary homemade mafia sauce.

The platters are great for sharing and my pick is The Troublemaker (S$39.90), which is a mix of Indian, Italian and Mexican. Lamb masala, sausages, nachos and even more together— it’s awesome! There are pizzas as well as a host of fish, chicken, lamb and pork dishes, too. Meanwhile, affordable cocktails like Ginger Monkey (S$11), Screwdriver (S$11) and Hendrick’s Negroni (S$17) are Al Capone’s forte.

+65 6282 5926
Daily: 11am – 1am
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2. Typhoon Cafe (#01-35)

kwm - cafe

Typhoon (“”) is a creative abbreviation of “Taste of Taiwan” (台湾风味). Typhoon Cafe is the only place to be for an authentic taste of Taiwan at Kallang Wave Mall in a setting designed as a hole-in-the-wall cafe along Taiwan’s quaint Fujin Cafe Street.

As you may expect, the café specialises in artisan fruit teas and exotically decadent desserts. There are also all the classic dishes from Taiwan, including the appetiser, Oyster Omelette (S$10.50) and their signature Taiwan Lu Rou Rice (S$13.50).

kwm - souffle

It would be insane to come here and never try their addictive Instagram ‘Like’ magnets, the Soufflé Stackers. All 3 flavours are pretty awesome but I lean very, very heavily towards the Souffle Stackers with White Rabbit Milk Pudding and Vanilla Ice Cream (S$17.90). Reading that name, why would you even want anything else?

I got ahead of myself with my favourite dessert but, if you are eating responsibly, ask for the Panko Canadian Pork Chop (S$10.90).

+65 6702 1752
Daily: 11.30am – 10.30pm

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3. Happy Rice (Yunomori Cafe) (#02-17 & 18)

kwm - cafe and onsen

Happy Rice is located inside Yunomori Onsen & Spa and often simply called the Yunomori Cafe.

The Chicken Karage (S$12.96) is the old reliable here and the Nacho Cheese Fries (S$8.64) are an indulgent side. If you want to stick to Japanese sides, the chawanmushi bowls are perfect. The Salmon Chawanmushi (S$5.30) is my pick of the mix and the Unagi Chawanmushi (S$6.38) comes a close second.

kwm - keto bowl and coffee

In keeping with the wellbeing vibe, Yunomori Cafe has a Healthy Choice menu. There are 6 filling salads, including Wakame Salad with Yuzu (S$12.96) and Salmon Avocado Salad (S$16.20). However, I recommend the Keto Salmon Bowl with Bulletproof Coffee (S$20.52) and the Furikake Quinoa Rice with Smoked Chicken Breast (S$17.28).

There is a range of curry rice with the Pork Katsu Curry Rice (S$18.36) topping the list. Their bento sets are good value— the Ginger Pork Bento (S$19.44) is divine!

All prices quoted are for non-members. Become a member and enjoy an 8% discount on most food and drink items at Happy Rice.

+65 6386 74126 / 6385 7985
Daily: 10am – 10pm

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4. Rocking Rickshaw (#01-12)

kwm - rocking rickshaw

Rocking Rickshaw is one heck of a rocking place, literally! With a live band performing every day that they are open, the place goes from a fun place to catch up to sing-along-with-everyone in the space of 30 minutes. The décor and vibe are unapologetically Bollywood, and the vibe is distinctly Indian— colour, buzz and welcome arms abound.

You can’t miss it, either, even before the music starts. There’s a classic Indian rickshaw sitting pretty outside!

kwmm- briyani and tandoori chicken
Credit – Rocking Rickshaw

Rocking Rickshaw’s food is the epitome of fusion cuisine, particularly between Indian and Italian. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices galore. Signature dishes include Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Zosh, Fans of biryanis will be spoiled for choice and there is a fine range of kebabs and tikkas to accompany them.

The fusion menu includes ‘Desi Style’ Pizzas with Tandoori Chicken Tikka or Paneer as toppings. India’s famously lavish desserts make an appearance, too.

Good whiskeys and rare Scotches, a wide range of white and red wines, beers, vodkas, gins and brandies will keep the drinkers happy into the wee hours.

+65 6282 5174
Tue to Thu: 4pm – 1am
Fri to Sun: 11am – 1am
Closed on Mon
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5. Kei Kaisendon (#01-46)

kwm - storefront

Expanding to 19 outlets in less than 6 years is no mean feat but Kei Kaisendon has done it with surprising ease. Their dons and sashimi (kaisen) are renowned for the fresh fish flown directly from Japan used to create each dish.

Kaisendon is their signature specialty. Each bowl is topped with exquisite sashimi and you can enjoy your order in 4 ways. The first 2 ways are to mix it with Kei Kaisendon’s own chilli powder or mayonnaise, while the third way is to blend it with their special Sakurai Chicken Soup. Lastly, you can wrap the sashimi with their special cut nori seaweed.

kwm - salmon bowl
Credit – Kei Kaisendon

The Kei Signature Kaisendon (S$14.90++, S$18.90++, S$22.90++) is great for your first taste (and may very well become your favourite). I like the Salmon Kaisendon (S$19.90)— the salmon flesh is truly divine! There are 19 varieties of Kiasendon altogether to choose from.

Pep up your meal with Add-ons such as Onsen Egg (S$1.90++), Sesame Tofu (S$3.90++) and Gyoza (S$3.90++, S$6.90++). There are Add-On Sets, too. Set D (S$3.90++) gets you 2 chicken drumlet pieces and Japanese green tea. I think Set G (S$5.90++) of Ikura Seafood Chawanmushi and Japanese green tea is great value.

+65 6384 0035
Daily: 11.30am – 9.30pm

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6. Gourmet Pizza To Go (#01-43)

kwm - pizza store

Gourmet Pizza To Go is great for gatherings. The Family Pack (S$44.90)— a 14-inch pan pizza, 6 wingsticks, 6 chicken nuggets, 6 onion rings, potato wedges (150g) and a 1.5L soft drink bottle runs the gamut of variety.

Even better for big groups is the Al Taglio (S$65++). This is a 40cm by 60cm rectangular pizza in 5 different flavours. If you have a diverse range of tastes in your group, it’s the perfect solution. This bundle also comes with a 1.5L soft drink bottle.

Screenshot 2023 04 12 at 8.42.42 PM
Credit – Gourmet Pizza To Go

If you want to order à la carte, their pizzas come in 10-inch (S$17.90), 12-inch (S$25.90) and 14-inch (S$32.90) sizes. Order any pizza and get another of the same size at half price.

For me, it’s the side orders that really make a pizza place great. Here, the Chicken Cheeseballs (8 pcs) (S$6.50) and the Sweet & Spicy Drumlets (S$7.90) are pretty much the main reason this place makes our list!

+65 6386 6769
Daily: 10am – 10pm

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7. Thai Village Restaurant (#01-02 & 03)

kwm - restaurant interiors
Credit – Thai Village Restaurant

Fancy an atas meal at Kallang Wave Mall? Hands down, the best choice here is Thai Village Restaurant. Specialists of Chinese Thai-Teochew Cuisine, Thai Village Restaurant has been regaling Singaporeans with its delectable creations for over 30 years.

The brand has won a slew of awards, including the Epicurean Star Award and Most Popular Asian Food Restaurant Award, was named among Singapore’s Best Restaurants by Singapore Tatler and recognised with the Top Restaurants Award by Wine & Dine Magazine. Phew!

The Thai Mango Salad (S$14 for small, S$21 for medium, S$28 for large) is an excellent appetiser.

kwm - table full of dishes

7 abalone choices await you, including Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber (S$76 for small, S$96 for medium, S$116 for large) and Abalone with Fish Maw (S$92 for small, S$112 for medium, S$132 for large).

Their Live Crab (seasonal pricing) can be prepared 8 different ways. The Creamy and Thai Style Curry are my picks. For something especially exotic, the Fried Deer Meat with Spring Onion and Ginger (S$24 for small, S$36 for medium, S$48 for large) springs to mind.

I’m easy to please with dessert and the Sea Coconut with Longan (S$6 per person) suits me just fine. One day, if someone else is paying, I will order the Double Boiled Bird’s Nest with Ginseng (S$45 per person).

+65 6440 2292
Daily: 11.30am – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm
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8. Seoul Yummy (#01-47)

kwm - seoul yummy store

15 years old and going strong, Seoul Yummy is the spot for true-blue Korean food. K-pop decor adorns the walls and many of the dish names allude to Korean culture, including the music, TV serials and even Army life.

If you can, wander in on a weekday at noon— their Lunch Promotions are a steal! The Buddy Meal (S$33.80 for 2, U.P.: S$49.40) give you 1 appetiser, 2 mains and 2 drinks. Solo diners have the Value Deals (S$12.90) which come with a main and a free Ice Lemon Tea or Barley Tea.

kwm - fried chicken
Credit – Seoul Yummy

You can’t not have Korean Fried Chicken if you eat here. There is Yummy Chikin, 6 pieces of boneless chicken; Yummy Wings, 4 fried chicken wings; and the Yummy Chikin Platter, which combines the first two and adds spam and fries. The best part is choosing your sauce you want your meat brushed in from soy garlic, sweet & spicy, garlic cheese and kimchi mala.

The kid’s meals are served in adorable little red race car plates. The Seoul Yummy Junior Set of Jja Jang Rice comes with fries, sausage, corn and mango juice with jja jang rice. The Egg Fried Rice set has fries, sausage, corn and mango juice with egg fried rice.

+65 8881 7408
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm
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9. Old Street Bak Kut Teh (#01-22/22A)

kwm - storefront

Old Street Bak Kut Teh is a name that most Singaporeans instantly recognise. They were the first to bring the traditional bak kut teh from the streets and hawker centres into the shopping malls. The brand has always strived to retain a classic character while still broadening its appeal to the younger crowd.

kwm - bkt
Credit – Old Street Bak Kut Teh

Their Set Menu A comes with bak kut teh, you tiao, beancurd and rice. Set menu B substitutes the bak kut teh with premium loin ribs. If you know me, you might have guessed it but my standard order of sides here is the you tiao. When I am (being forced to) eat healthy, I may opt for the Kai Lan and the Tau Pok before anything else.

Their Nanyang menu features Assam Fish Head, Claypot Curry Prawn, Salted Egg Fish Skin and Salted Egg Long Beans, among others. The first of those is my recommendation.

I’m not particularly impressed by the dessert menu— there are just 4 very traditional choices, including Gui Ling Gao and Ice Jelly fruit Cocktail.

Daily: 10am – 10pm
+65 6438 6886
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10. Ji Xian Seafood & HK Dim Sum Express (#02-15/16A)

kwm - storefront

Ji Xian Seafood & HK Dim Sum Express is one of the lesser-known eateries at Kallang Wave Mall. However, what it lacks in publicity, it more than makes up with in good food.

They are located on the second floor and you’ll know instantly that you’ve arrived by the large number of live seafood tanks. Fish, prawns, crab, lobster, eels, clams and more lounge about in the serene water.

If you’re looking for opulence, this isn’t the place for you. They instead go for a quaint, homely feel. The plain wooden tables and simple chairs may not look like much but they do their job. The place has an open, airy feel to it.

kwm - dim sum

The seafood is anything but ordinary, though. Much of their stock is imported from around the world, including from Canada and South Korea. Prices are reasonable. I believe this is because they are associated with a wholesaler and pass the savings on to us.

Dim sum fans will appreciate the full-flavoured authentic Hong Kong-style dishes, which are available all day.

+65 9329 1881

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