Best food to eat at East Coast Park

As the sun sets over Singapore’s eastern coastline, the vibrant aroma of sizzling seafood fills the air, beckoning food lovers to East Coast Parkway. This iconic recreational area offers an unforgettable dining experience, with a diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and food stalls serving up delectable cuisine against a picturesque backdrop of the ocean.

Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or a lover of international cuisine, there’s something for everyone here. From the tantalising aroma of BBQ sambal stingray to the savoury fragrance of crispy soft-shell crab, the dining options on East Coast Parkway are a feast for the senses. So come, pull up a chair, and let your taste buds embark on an unforgettable culinary journey.

Here’s 7 of our favourite food spots for foodies to discover on East Coast Parkway.

1. Jypsy

Jypsy Parkland Green - Vibes

Jypsy at Parkland Green in the East Coast marks the second establishment of this modern Japanese venue. Delight in 8 exclusive dishes available only at this outlet, complemented by timeless classics from the original menu, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of the ocean. Trust me, the chill vibe will win you over!

Jypsy Parkland Green - Food
Credit – Jypsy

Indulge in the innovative Jypsy Salmon Tacos (S$18) from the original menu, a unique take on tacos that combines crispy seafood with a delightful mix of salmon, avocado, tomato salsa, wasabi mayo, and adorned with ikura. Alternatively, savour Jypsy’s exclusive Nest of Fries ($16), showcasing crispy shredded potato coated in white truffle oil served with wasabi mayo and teriyaki sauce.

Jypsy Parkland Green - Big Breakfast & Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict
Credit – Jypsy

The specially curated brunch menu is exclusively available during weekends and public holidays from 8 am to 4 pm. Delight in brunch favourites such as the Jypsy Big Breakfast (S$29), Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict (S$26), or the refreshing Green Tea Soba Salad (S$19), with the option to enhance your experience by adding sous-vide chicken breast (S$5) or grilled tiger prawns (S$8).

Jypsy - Wagyu Hamburger Steak Plate
Credit – Jypsy

Moreover, there’s the Wagyu Hamburger Steak Plate (S$26), showcasing a Japanese-style beef patty meticulously crafted in-house with wagyu mince, sautéed onion, and the Chef’s unique spice blend. It is accompanied by a shredded cabbage salad and Japanese rice.

Jypsy Parkland Green - Wagyu Sando
Credit – Jypsy

For a perfect park picnic, indulge in one of the 3 sando flavours offered at Jypsy Parkland Green. Choose from the Chicken Sando (S$21), Sous-vide Wagyu Sando (S$28), or the Tamago Sando (S$18).

920 East Coast Parkway, #01-25/26/27, Singapore 449875
+65 6708 9288
Tue to Thu: 5pm – 11pm
Fri: 11am – 4pm & 5pm – 12am
Sat: 8am – 4pm & 5pm – 12am
Sun: 8am – 4pm & 5pm – 11pm
Closed on Mon
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2. PS.Cafe

ecp - ps cafe
Credit – PS.Cafe

PS.Cafe at East Coast Park is also known as PS.Cafe By The Sea. Factually true, of course, but I also love the name for the lovely images that it conjures in my head.

PS.Cafe does all it can to reinforce that image, too. White-washed walls mirror the sand and spray while the ocean blue upholstery echoes the water. Pair all that with bright, airy spaces marked with vibrant greenery and you begin to understand why this cafe is so popular.

There is a breakfast menu as well as an all-day menu. The first is available till 11am on weekdays and 10am on weekends. If you’re famished, the PS. Big Breakfast is for you. You get 2 eggs (poached, fried or scrambled), smoked bacon, wilted spinach, buttered toast, baked beans with angus/pork sausage, cherry tomato, rocket & basil salad with honey truffle dressing. Mmmmm!

Wash down their Bunwiches (hehe I love this name, too) and bakery items with Coffee & Chocolate drinks, Cold Pressed Juices, Crushed Fruit Sodas, Floats and Kombucha.

ecp- burger
Credit – PS.Cafe

Those drinks appear on the all-day menu, too. From the Mains, try the Tiger Beer-battered Fish & Chips. A burger person? There’s the PS. Burger of Australian barley-fed Angus patty, vintage cheddar, wilted spinach, crispy smoked bacon and shoestring fries. The other burger option is the PS. Impossible Burger with its Impossible patty, vintage cheddar, wilted spinach, sauteed mushrooms and shoestring fries.

They also have a Junior menu for kids under 12.

Chope Reservations

110 East Coast Parkway, Cyclist Park, 01-05/06/07, Singapore 449880
+65 6708 9288
Daily: 8am – 11pm
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 3. Bakery & Bar St. Marc 

ecp - cafe

Bakery & Bar St. Marc is a cosy Japanese cafe and bar with a variety of popular dishes, serene decor and really wide assortment of desserts.

Heading the Mains is a selection of 9 Mochi Pastas. No, they aren’t all made from the sweet Japanese rice cake; it refers to the chewy, bouncy texture of the fresh pasta.

ecp - bowl of pasta

Carbonara Mochi Pasta (S$17) of cream sauce, pork bacon, raw egg and Parmigiano is easily my favourite. The regal Sepia Nero Mochi Pasta (S$22) with squid, squid ink sauce, clam, cream and cherry tomatoes is perfect for the seaside location.

Bite into their burger mains that include the St. Marc Wagyu BBQ Burger (S$26) of wagyu, bacon, BBQ sauce, onion jam, pickles and cheese in a brioche bun served with skinny fries. The Breaded Fish Burger (S$18) and Breaded Chicken Burger (S$18) are lighter on both your tummy and your wallet.

There is a vegetarian section of soups, salads and finger foods such as Truffle Fries (S$15), Spring Roll 10pc (S$10) and Salsa Cheesy Nacho (S$15). Vegos have 2 Mains options— Vegetarian Aglio Olio Mochi Pasta (S$15) and Pomodoro Basil Mochi Pasta (S$15).

If you have a sweet tooth, there is no better place to indulge. They have pastries, waffle cone gelato ice cream, waffle ice cream, waffle cone softserves, parfaits and much, much more!

920 East Coast Parkway, Parkland Green Singapore, #01-09/10,
Singapore 449875
+65 8810 8127
Wed & Thu: 12pm – 10pm
Fri: 12pm – 11pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 10.30pm
Closed on Mon & Tue
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4. Patros Sports Bar & Restaurant 

ecp- storefront

Patros Sports Bar & Restaurant certainly lives up to the “sports” part of its name, particularly where cricket is concerned. Expect a perpetual crowd of wicket watchers from the West and the subcontinent during match season.

Patros serves North Indian and Mexican cuisine, a combination that works better than first impressions suggest. There are East Asian influences as well. You’ll see that in the appetisers menu with Chilli Prawns and the Chilli Chicken, both of which are cooked in Szechuan sauce.

Being an Indian restaurant, Patros definitely has vegetarian options. Share the Tandoori Khazana platter of vegetables marinated in rich spices, then tandoor-baked. The Banarasi Seekh Kebab swaps meat with spice-marinated veggies on skewers.

There are several options each of Samundari Curries (seafood curries), Lamb Curries and Chicken Curries. That’s besides the 15 or so vegetable curries they whip up.

Curries go best with rice and Patros Sports bar & Restaurant has 4 different types of Rice and another 4 of Biryani for you to try. 15 varieties of naan, roti, paratha and kulcha complete the Indian Bread menu.

ecp - platter

The Mexican menu has Nachos (Prawn, Beef, Chicken or Vegetables) served with beans, jalapenos, guacamole, olives and salsa. Their Spicy Mexican Wings are a popular order, as are the Fried Calamari. The other mainstay of Mexican food, tacos are available as Mexican Tacos (3 pcs) or a Taco Platter (6 pcs) with prawns, beef, chicken, cheese, mushroom and vegetable tacos.

Chope Reservations

920 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449875
+65 6440 9372
Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm & 5.30pm – 10.30pm
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5. Kebab Station

ecp - cafe

Kebab Station celebrates 20 years in Singapore this year. For the 2 decades, it has been the only place along the ECP to get your fill of authentic Turkish cuisine. Dishes are prepared in their signature charcoal grill kitchen under the supervision of a chef with 30 years of experience.

By far, my favourite element of Middle Eastern cooking is basically anything with falafel. Here, I always ask for the Falafel with Dips (S$13.90), which comes with a pair of dips to dress up your crispy falafel balls.

ecp - pita

Another great way to start is with bread and dips. Basic Pita Bread (S$3.50) works fine for me but the Cheese Bread (S$9.90) is lovely, too. To accompany, I suggest the Mixed Dips (S$21.90). It includes humus, cacik, salsa, avocado and baba ganus, and comes with lavash bread.

For seafood, your grilled fish options are Grilled Salmon (S$27.90), Grilled Sea Bass (S$30.90) and Grilled Mackerel (S$23.90). there is Baked Rice— Chicken (S$11.90), Lamb (S$12.90) and Beef (S$12.90). Kebab Station also serves pasta, pizzas and desserts.

920 East Coast Parkway, Parkland Green, #01-02, Singapore 449875
+65 9697 8227
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm
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6. Long Beach UDMC Seafood Restaurant 

ecp - udmc
Credit – Long Beach UDMC

Long Beach has ‘long’ (hahah, funny me!) been one of my go-to places for seafood. Be warned, the prices are as premium as the fare they serve.

ecp - alaskan crab
Credit – Long Beach UDMC

This place is the king of fresh air-flown marine cuisine. Some of the most stunning examples of their fresh-flown crabs are Air Flown Live Alaskan King Crab (S$24.80++/100g), Air Flown Live Princess Crab (S$11.30++/100g), Live XL Mud Crab (S$10.80++/100g800g- 1399g); S$11.80++/100g for 1400g & above) and Air Flown Live Dungeness Crab (S$11.80++/100g).

They also give lobsters the same premium treatment, and 2 of your options are Air Flown Live Southern Australian Lobster (S$29.80++/100g) and Air Flown Live Canadian Lobster (S$11.80++/100g).

The fare goes beyond just seafood. There is Handmade Beancurd & Shredded Mushroom (S$3 per pc, min order 4 pcs), Grilled Chicken Satay (S$12 for 5 sticks) and the deliciously exotic and exotically delicious Claypot Enoki Mushroom & Baby Cabbage (S$24).

1202 East Coast Parkway, East Coast Seafood Centre, #01-04, Singapore 449881
+65 6448 3636
Mon to Thu: 11am – 3pm & 5pm – 11pm
Fri: 11am – 3pm & 5pm – 11.30pm
Sat: 11am – 11.30pm
Sun: 11am – 11pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

7. Tash Tish Tosh 

ecp - storefront

Tash Tish Tosh is known for its unique take on the classic Singaporean dish, Tulang Merah (red bone). Here, the process is differentiated by a 12-hour slow pressure bake in their secret stew with local herbs and spices.

ecp - red tulang
Credit – Tash Tish Tosh

The Red Bone Toolang (S$22.50) set includes 3 pieces of toolang and 4 pieces of parmesan bread. You can ask for 1 x Additional Toolang Piece (S$6.50), 4pcs Extra Bread (S$3) and Extra Gravy (S$3). An alternative is the Baby Battleship (S$21.90) that comes with 7 or 8 small baby toolang.

Whitestar (Regular S$22.90, Large $28.90) is an Alfredo based pizza topped with beef bacon and covered in mozzarella cheese. For seafood, you’ll want the Under The Sea Boat (Regular for S$26.90, Large for S$34.90). There is also the classic Hawaiian (Regular for S$22.90, Large for S$28.90).

TTT has tapped into the Korean craze, too. They have Bibimbap Teriyaki Salmon (S$18.50) and Bibimbap Karaage Chicken (S$18.50).

#01-02 Marine Cove, Singapore 449876
+65 8714 8677
Mon & Wed to Fri: 11am – 11pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 11pm
Closed on Tue
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