10 must-try places in Paya Lebar Square that’ll satiate your appetite

Conveniently located at the mouth of Paya Lebar MRT is Paya Lebar Square, a commercial mixed development that consists of a 10-storey office tower and 3 levels of F&B and retail shops. 

Though it might look unassuming, Paya Lebar Square is teeming with plenty of good eats. From slurp-worthy ramen to mala xiang guo, this humble mall has everything you need to satiate your appetite. In fact, it even has an all-halal food court in the basement and plenty of vegan options, including vegan sushi!

Curious to know what’s in store for you at Paya Lebar Square? Keep scrolling to discover our top 10 must-try places in Paya Lebar Square that’ll be sure to satiate your appetite.

1. Qin Ji Rougamo (#B1-08)

paya lebar square - qin ji rougamo - eatery front

Nestled in the basement of Paya Lebar Square is Qin Ji Rougamo, an authentic Chinese eatery that sells snacks from Shan Xi and Si Chuan. The best-seller— their rou ga mo, aka flaky pastry-like buns stuffed with braised meat. Think of it as a Chinese hamburger if you will.

paya lebar square - qin ji rougamo - cumin pork burger seperate

Qin Ji Rougamo offers 6 types of rou ga mo, such as the Qinji Pork Rougamo (S$5.80), Chicken Rougamo (S$5.80) and Healthy Vegetable Rougamo (S$5.50).

My colleague, Aaron, tried the Cumin Pork Rougamo (S$5.80), which came with a filling that consisted of pork chunks with slices of red onion and green capsicum encased in a flaky bun. He loved the earthy taste of the cumin, which was extra fragrant, as well as the crispy bun, which mimicked the texture of roti prata— just without the oily mess. 

Note that Qin Ji Rougamo also offers noodles, such as Ma La Chicken (S$7.50) and Sour & Spicy (Sweet Potato Noodle) With Minced Pork (S$8.80).

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2. Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Niku King (#01-02/03/04)

Paya Lebar Square - Ramen Keisuke

You’ll find Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Niku King located along the side of Paya Lebar Square, typically with a snaking queue of customers waiting for their seats.

Belonging to the Keisuke Ramen group, this particular 2-brand concept comprises 24-seater Tonkotsu King, serving the brand’s popular ramen, and 25-seater Niku King, which serves bowls of ramen that’s loaded with niku (aka meat).

You might be interested to know that this is the brand’s first Niku King outlet, albeit a combined one at that.

Paya Lebar Square - ramen keisuke 1

As a combined concept, Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Niku King offers a more extensive menu. There’ll still be the classic, well-loved Tonkotsu Ramen (from S$11.90) and Black Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen King (from S$14.90), as well as newer option such as the Niku King Shoyu Ramen (from S$11.90) and Niku King Miso Ramen (from S$12.90).

As always, you’ll get free-flow beansprouts and hard-boiled eggs with every order, as well as condiments such as sesame seeds and Japanese mayo.

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3. Mixue (#01-32)

Paya Lebar Square - mixue

Mixue, a Chinese brand famous for its affordable soft serve ice cream and bubble team, took Singapore by storm when it finally landed in Mar 2022 with its S$1 soft serve cones. This well-known brand has over 20,000 stores worldwide, with 10,000 of them being in China alone!

Interestingly, it was founded as a shaved ice dessert store in 1997 and gradually gained popularity once it started selling soft serve for 1 yuan per cone in 2006.

Paya Lebar Square - mixue 2

If it’s a sweltering hot day, you should most definitely go for the Signature KingCone (S$1). Most folks have noted that Mixue’s soft serve is milkier than usual, but for its low price point, it certainly is a steal. Those with a sweet tooth will prefer the Brown Sugar Pearl Sundae (S$2.50) or even its Cocoa Cookie Sundae (S$2.50).

Craving something more thirst quenching? Mixue also offers a wide variety of affordable bubble and fruit teas, like its Strawberry Shake-shake (S$2.50), Cheese Grape Smoothie (S$4), Lemon Earl Grey (S$2.50) and Taro Milk Tea (S$3).

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4. Ah Mah Homemade Cake (#B1-46)

Paya Lebar Square - ah ma homemade cake

The king (or queen) of catella cakes, Ah Ma Homemade Cake came to life in Malaysia in 2017 and in just 3 months, it sold 100,000 boxes of cake— what a feat! Its founder, Chef Jim, was inspired by the popular egg sponge cakes that originated from Tamsui, Taiwan, and decided to recreate the traditional recipe but with a local twist.

Apart from being so soft that it melts in your mouth, these castella cakes are baked freshly on the spot every day. In fact, it replaces every batch with a fresh one every 12 hours.

Paya Lebar Square - ah ma homemade cake 2

While Ah Ma Homemade Cake has the Original Castella Cake (S$9.50), I highly recommend that you try some of its locally-inspired flavours, such as the Pandan Castella Cake (S$12.50), Ondeh Ondeh Castella Cake (S$13.50) and Marble Castella Cake (S$12.50).

If you’re feeling like trying something savoury, you can even try its Salted Egg Castella Cake (S$13.50) and Cheese Castella Cake (S$12.50)!

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5. Saute Sushi (#B1-19)

Paya Lebar Square - saute sushi

Have you ever heard of vegan sushi? Saute Sushi, nestled in the corner of Paya Lebar Square’s basement, is Singapore’s first plant-based sushi train concept. 

The same folks have also opened other plant-based restaurants, such as Saute-san at City Square Mall, which offers vegan and vegetarian Japanese and Korean food.

Paya Lebar Square - saute sushi 2

From nigiri such as Zalmon (S$2.30) (a plant-based take on our favourite salmon sashimi which is actually made of konjac) to maki rolls like Golden Tempura Cheeeezy (S$12.90) and Vnagi with Teriyaki Sauce (S$12.90), it’s mind-boggling to know that sushi like that is actually made entirely from plant-based ingredients. 

If you prefer a fuller meal, Saute Sushi also offers vegan items like Tonkotzu Ramen (S$10.90), Chilled Shoyu Soba (S$9.90), and rice bowls like Handmade Teriyaki Katsu (S$12.90), all of which are made from plant-based ingredients like mushrooms, tofu, seaweed, avocados and more.

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6. Chinese Tofu Magician (#01-51)

Paya Lebar Square - chinese tofu magician 1

Bubble tea is one of my great loves, but I always found its high sugar content appalling. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to your favourite milk tea, I urge you to try Chinese Tofu Magician.

It’s located conveniently on the 1st floor of Paya Lebar Square, and this kiosk sells tofu and soy-based drinks and desserts.

Paya Lebar Square - chinese tofu magician

And if you think soymilk is boring, think again. Its Original Soymilk Tea with White Jade Balls (Cold/Warm) (S$6.20) is topped with foam and soybean powder, and once mixed, it produces a creamy texture, similar to milk tea. It also comes with mochi which you can eat however you like— dip it into the foam or eat it as it is for that luxe touch!

Other popular items include the Cat Miao Miao Watermelon Soy Milk with Chestnut Cream (S$5.50), a refreshing drink with a paw-shaped topping, and Black Sesame Soy Milk Tea with Jade Balls (Cold/Warm) (S$6.20).

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7. Lotus Thai Restaurant (#02-13/14/K1)

Paya Lebar Square - lotus thai 1

Head to the 2nd floor of Paya Lebar Square and you’ll find Lotus Thai Restaurant, an authentic Thai restaurant that dishes out wallet-friendly food. 

And for those of you who cannot handle spice, this place is for you— they allow you to customise each dish according to your spice levels, and even offer a “No Spice Combo”!

Paya Lebar Square - lotus thai

From Steamed Seabass with Lemon Sauce (S$28) to the all-time favourite Tom Yum Seafood (Red/Clear) (S$10.80), Lotus Thai Restaurant has got something for the whole family. There is also the classic Stewed Vermicelli Claypot with Prawn (S$28) and Pandan Chicken (S$9.80)!

Dining as a group? Check out Lotus Thai’s set meals, which cater to the amount of pax. For example, there’s the No Chilli Combo (S$38 for 2 pax), which comes with Pandan Chicken, Thai-Style Stewed Scallop & Prawn Vermicelli in Claypot, Garlic Kang Kong, and two drinks.

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8. iPOT Mala Tri-Pot (#B1-07)

Paya Lebar Square - ipot 1

My ultimate comfort food is mala xiang guo, and I’m happy to report that there’s a stall in the basement of Paya Lebar Square that serves up affordable yet satisfying mala xiang guo

You’ll smell the tantalising scent of numbing spices before you see iPOT Mala Tri-Pot (aka 麻辣三锅), which is located near the food court.

Paya Lebar Square - ipot

As with most mala xiang guo places, the price of your meal depends on which ingredients you pick. For example, Enoki Mushrooms cost S$1.70, while Lotus Roots are priced by weight and go for S$2.20/100g. As for the meats, popular choices like Pork Belly cost S$2.80/100g while Prawns are pricier and cost S$3.50/100g.

Note that iPOT Mala Tri-Pot charges S$0.80 for the Mala Xiang Guo base. They also offer Mala Soup with options such as Fragrant Mala (S$1.50), Pickled Cabbage (S$1.50) and Beauty in Tomato (S$1.50).

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9. Greendot (#02-15)

Paya Lebar Square - greendot

I remember when Greendot first entered the local F&B scene in 2011 and revolutionised the way we looked at vegetarian food. It took popular items like rendang, laksa and mee pok and made it meat-free!

Its first stall was in Temasek Polytechnic, and slowly, it expanded over the course of a decade. Now, Greendot has a total of 12 outlets, including one on the 2nd floor of Paya Lebar Square.

Paya Lebar Square - greendot 2

The one dish I gravitate towards whenever I’m at Greendot is its Signature Lion Mane Mushroom Rendang (S$11.90). This power-packed bento features the lion mane mushroom, which is a medicinal mushroom dating back hundreds of years in China, Japan and Korea. It’s said to boost immunity and memory, and Greendot cooks it in a wonderfully savoury rendang sauce that makes each bite utterly delectable.

On rainy days, I go for the Angelica Herbal Noodle w/ Cordyceps (S$8.90), a vegan dish that comes with konnyaku fishball, vegan soya mutton, taupok, carrots, lettuce, braised flower tea mushrooms and cordyceps. You can also try Greendot’s Mee Pok w/ Fried Mixed Veg Gyoza (S$9.50), which features konnyaku fishballs!

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10. Kajiken (#01-86)

Paya Lebar Square - kajiken 1

Mazesoba is the dry equivalent of ramen, and though it’s popular in Japan, it only came to Singapore in 2016 in the form of Kajiken.

Every Kajiken outlet is decked out in adorable decor, and the one at Paya Lebar Square is no different. Painted on the walls are its best-selling items, as well as instructions on how to best enjoy your mazesoba.

Paya Lebar Square - kajiken

There are 9 mazesobas to pick from, ranging from the popular Original Mazesoba with Spicy Chilli Sauce (S$14.80) to the Grilled Cheese with Cod Roe Mazesoba (S$17.30).

We recommend the Taiwan Mazesoba Nagoya Style (S$13.80), a hearty bowl of dry ramen that comes loaded with ingredients such as a runny egg, minced meat, spring onions and shredded seaweed. According to Kajiken’s recommendation, give everything a good stir for 20 seconds before digging in.

For those feeling extra hungry, Kajiken offers free upsize for its noodles!

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Paya Lebar Square

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Paya Lebar Square

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