10 Perfect Places to eat at Parkway Parade

Parkway Parade is a popular shopping mall located in Marine Parade, Singapore. It first opened its doors in 1984 and has since become a well-loved destination for both locals and tourists. With over 250 shops, including fashion boutiques, beauty salons, electronics stores, and supermarkets, Parkway Parade offers a diverse range of products and services.

pp - mall exterior

The mall also features a variety of dining options, from fast food chains to upscale restaurants.

pp - mall interior

This is a place I visit on a weekly basis (yes, East-sider alert!) and find myself either dining there or packing home my meals. If you’re looking to take a break from shopping at Parkway Parade, I’ve put together a handpicked selection of the top 10 restaurants to dine at.

1.    Tenya Singapore – NEW! (#B-51/52/65) 

pp - storefront

One of the newest additions to Parkway Parade, Tenya Singapore opened its doors in February 2023. This is the chain’s third branch in Singapore after the ones at Orchard Central and ION. After over 200 Tenya restaurants in Japan and around the world, they have finally come to east Singapore!

Tenya Singapore in Parkway Parade is what I would term true fast-food style Japanese. The ordering system is very much like Burger King and McDonald’s, with large self-order kiosks handling the front end. That said, there is none of the generic cheap-meal feel here.

pp - ebi tempura don

My recommendations are the Ebi Tendon (S$13.90) and Salmon Tendon (S$15.90). Vegetarians, don’t fret— the Vegetables Tendon (S$8.90) is good as well. My dining partner topped up his Tori Tendon (S$12.90) with More Rice (S$0.50) and Tempura Egg (S$1.80). It was filling, especially with the soft drink Free Flow (S$2.50).

What I find remarkable is that there was no greasiness in any of the batter. It all came out crisp and crunchy but still full of flavour.

While this branch doesn’t have the cute robot servers that have been making waves in Orchard, it does have a nifty automated hand-washing station. Check it out!

+65 6243 4338
Daily: 11am – 10pm
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2. Café Q Classified – NEW! (#01-69A)

pp - cafe front

Café Q Classified easily made our Vivo Top 10 recently and my heart skipped a beat last week when I saw that they were opening a 3rd outlet at Parkway Parade, too! Q Classified cafes are easily recognised by the calming serene decor featuring lots of pastels. A beautiful selection of showpieces makes each branch an Instagram favourite.

While many people are attracted to the sights and ambience, Q Classified is no slouch in the food department, either. The Korean Croffles (S$16) have been a bestseller in their other outlets and Parkway Parade is following suit.

Try the Khong Bah Pheng (S$22) of braised pork belly, mushrooms and rice. It’s a large serving and comes with an onsen egg and a side of miso soup.

pp - pasta

Their Prawn Aglio Olio (S$18) is flavourful, slightly spicy, and perfect for seafood lovers. I enjoyed every bite of this dish made of garlic and olive oil capellini pasta with tiger prawns, chilies, spring onions and Sakura ebi.

+65 6235 8812
Daily: 9.30am – 10pm
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3. Yakiniku–GO (#B-84B/84C)

pp -- yakiniku go

Yakiniku-GO has been one of my favourite eating haunts at Parkway Parade. Imagine my shock when I discovered that the chain has only been in Singapore for 2 years. I swear I must have eaten there at least 50 times!

People will tell you all sorts of things that they like about Yakiniku-Go but few things compare to their sauces!

pp - karubi set

Whether it’s the sauce served with the Chicken & Seafood Set (S$15.80) or the duo that accompany the Karubi Set (beef short plate, rice, soup, kimchi/salad) (S$10.80 for 100g, S$15.80 for 200g), there is some wondrous flavouring to be had even before you touch the meat.

The meat itself is as close to impeccable as you could want. The pork and the beef both feature superb marbling. You can prove that with a baptism by fire on the grill— the thin slices produce a melodious symphony of crackles and splutters.

Maybe this isn’t the most important thing but I just want to put it out there that the soft ice served with beverages is wonderful. So there!

+65 6242 0520
Daily: 11am – 10pm

4. Shang Pin Hot Pot (#01-10)

pp - shang pin hotpot

In my eyes, there are 3 main hot pot chains in Singapore and Shang Pin Hot Pot is one of them. (I won’t name the other 2 here, but anyone who knows me is already screaming the names at the screen).

pp - hot pot

At Shang Pin Hot Pot, the focus is on the heat and spiciness of Sichuan cuisine. In fact, they have a Si Chuan Spicy Soup as one of the bases. It’s a fiery one! There is also my all-time favourite, Tomato Soup. Another one of the popular options done really well at this chain is Golden Chicken Soup. They claim to be the only place in Singapore where you can get this delectable concoction.

The specialities here are: Shang Pin Fresh Beef (S$16), Spicy Pork (S$10), and Fresh Tripes (S$12), among others.

The Parkway Parade outlet is designed with a very open concept. The dining area is split in two by a common aisle. I recommend a table away from the aisle and the counter if you want some privacy. They also have VIP rooms if you want to canoodle or discuss business.

+65 6966 7666
Daily: 11am – 10.30pm
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5. Sanook Kitchen (#01-17)

pp - sanook kitchen

Sanook” is Thai for “fun” so you can understand the vibe at Sanook Kitchen. They proudly proclaim that they aim to correct the misconception that Thai food is always spicy. Their authentic Thai cuisine explores the sweet and savoury as well as the spicy in a bid to make it accessible to everyone.

I am a big fan of their Lunch Specials ($19 for 2 items or $12 for Entree only).

pp - fried rice plate
Credit – Parkway Parade

Among your choices of Entrée are Paad Thai, Drunken Noodles, Fried Rice, Green Curry, Red Curry and Penang Curry. Your second item is a choice between Spring Rolls, Fried Tofu, Tom Yum Gai, Tom Kha Gai and Cucumber Salad, among others.

Dinner is an à la carte affair with the popular choices being Fried Tofu (S$8.50)— Golden Tofu with Sweet Chili Sauce and Crushed Peanut; Pastry Puffs (S$9.50)— Minced Potato, Onion, and Chicken Served with a Cucumber Vinaigrette, Spring Rolls (S$8.50) and Chicken Satay (S9.50).

It’s hard to look past the House Specialty Sanook Soft Shell Crabs (S$28), too. The lightly-battered soft shell crab is perfectly complemented by vegetables sautéed in a green curry reduction.

+65 6346 4178
Daily: 11am – 10pm

6. Tori-Q (#01-14C)

pp - tori q

Intrigued by the name? Well, tori is Japanese for chicken while the “Q” stands for quality and an endless queue. Yep, that’s the explanation they give. Fortunately, they are only half-correct about the endless queue! I’ve been here several times and will gladly join the finite line again.

While their focus is squarely on chicken, there are pork and seafood items on the menu, too. Their website is very transparent about the calories and food groups, listing the details clearly and succinctly.

What a tragedy, then, that I completely ignore it and go straight for the delicious toris guided by taste only!

pp - yakitori sticks

The Yakitori Sticks are a good place to start. Because it’s so difficult to choose, I get several of my regulars at once. The Chicken Fillet (S$1.60), Pork (S$1.60), Chicken Skin (S$1.70) and Tamagoyaki (Rolled Omelette) (S$2.30) are a good place to start.

from the Fried Items section of the menu, try the Deep Fried Prawn (S$1.60) and the Mini Hashed Potato (S$1.20). They also have affordable Bento Sets (from S$7.10 to S$7.80).

+65 6887 5795
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm
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7. So Pho (#03-30D)

pp - so pho

Eating at So Pho makes me reminisce about my Danang getaway. They even have the Vietnamese Egg Coffee (S$6.50) and Vietnamese Coconut Coffee (S$6.50) that are so popular there.

Their appetisers are to die for! I recommend the Summer Rolls with Softshell Crab (S$8.20 for 2 rolls, S$11.20 for 3 rolls). A nice accompaniment to any meal is the Prawn Crackers Basket (S$4.80). Another of my favourites is the Homemade Crunchy Water Chestnut Meatballs (S$9.50). The name hints at the wonderful combination of flavours here.

pp - table full of dishes

It would be a sin to come to So Pho and not have pho. The So Pho Special Premium Marbled Sirloin Beef w Beef balls Noodle Soup (S$17.50) is both a mouthful to say and a tummy-full to eat.

If you want rice instead, the Grilled Lemongrass Chicken with Rice (S$10.80) is a good, filling option. There’s the option to add a Summer Roll (S$2.80), Prawn Cake (S$2.90) and Imperial Spring Roll (S$2.50), among others. There is also the irresistible Banh Mi (Beef/Chicken S$7.50, Vegetarian S$6.50).

Chope Reservations
Chope Deals

+65 6348 9679
Daily: 11am – 10pm
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8. Sushi Express (#01-17B)

pp.- sushi express

If you are like me and get mesmerised by the sight of an endless train of little sushi dishes, Sushi Express is for you. They are one of the biggest conveyor belt sushi chains in Asia, which comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with their affordable menu.

pp - sushi
Credit – Sushi Express

There are over 80 different sushi dishes to choose from. The best thing is that they start at just S$1.50++ a plate. I find it one of the best places to come as a family or group because there’s something to keep everyone happy.

The menu at Sushi Express is just as mobile as the conveyor belts at its outlets. They update their dishes in line with the season and introduce commemorative limited-time specials, too.

Right now, as the Cherry Blossom season starts, they have paired the rich flavours of the sea paired with hints of Sakura fragrance in the Sakura Lobster Salad Uramaki (S$1.50++), Sakura Shrimp Hotate (S$3++) and Sakura Shrimp Halibut ($2++).

+65 6970 1178
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm
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9. Fun Toast (#02-K3)

pp - fun toast

Fun Toast is a homegrown company that was formed in pre-war Singapore. It first gained fame for brewing the perfect cup of Nanyang coffee and its charcoal-grilled kaya toasts. They have grown to almost 50 outlets islandwide.

pp - toast and eegs and chee cheong fun

The menu here is quite diverse but focuses on manageable quick meals. From the Fun Toast Section, the signature Yuan Yang Soft Bun (S$5.50) is tied for my favourite with the Ham & Cheese French Toast (S$5.80).

There is a Local Favourites section, too. Here, the Laksa (S$6.80) is a clear winner for me but the Curry Chicken with Soft Bun (S$6.80) come a quite-close second. The Soya Sauce Chicken with Rice/Chee Cheong Fun (S$6.80) is a pretty filling option if you are hungry.

If you are hankering for other local dishes, the Mee Siam (S$5.50) and Yong Tau Foo with Chee Cheong Fun (S$7.30) are both good alternatives as well.

Besides coffee and tea, they also have Ginger Tea (S$2.10/S$2.40/S$3) and Almond Tea (S$2.20/S$2.50/S$3.10).

Daily: 8am – 8.30pm

10. [CLOSED] Woo Lee Jeeb Dae Bak (#B1-85/87 in Food Republic)

pp - korean stall

I was late to the party in trying Woo Lee Jeeb Dae Bak but I am glad that a friend convinced me to have a go. I feel like this Korean specialty stall offers one of the more authentic Korean dining experiences in Singapore.

Some of the food that I tried here reminded me of the food that I had on my visit to Korea earlier this year. The Saba Fish (S$7) was a bit of a scary experience for me because of the way the fish looked! I just had my dining companion cut up the pieces and serve me— problem solved. It’s tasty!

pp - korean food

Less visually severe but equally delicious is the Korean Tofu Soup (S$7). I had with bits of chicken that I stole from my companion’s plate of BBQ Chicken (S$7.80). We recommend that you also order the Stir-fried Rice Cake (S$6.50) as a side. It seems to go well with everything.

Daily: 10am – 10pm

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Parkway Parade

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Telephone: +65 6344 1242

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