10 new eateries to visit at the newly-renovated i12 Katong

After being under renovation since early 2020, i12 Katong has finally reopened! The revamped retail mall showcases a mix of returning F&B tenants and exciting new eateries. 

Located smack in the middle of East Coast Road and Joo Chiat road, the newly-renovated i12 Katong consists of 180 stores and two basement levels of the car park. They’ve been reopening in phases since December 2021 and have been stated to officially open in March 2022. However, when I went down, a couple of stores were still “in the works”. 

I obviously cannot wait till all 180 stores reopen, and had to make my way down now to visit 10 new eateries at the newly-renovated i12 Katong

1. Malaysia Boleh (#B1-06/08)

image of stall

Granted they aren’t new to the food scene, Malaysia Boleh sure is new to i12 Katong! 

Head on over to satisfy your cravings for authentic and traditional Malaysian hawker-fare sourced from top-rated Malaysian hawkers at a ‘60s-themed attraction-dining destination. I know borders are reopening soon, but this is the only place I’d head to to get a taste of Malaysian grub. 

2. Rollgaadi (#B1-41)

image of stall

I’ve never had kathi rolls in my life, and honestly, Rollgaadi’s vibrant, orange-hued illustration of a classic Italian chef in a kathi roll train immediately drew me in.

Some say, the origin of the kathi roll goes all the way back to 200 years ago, while others say it originated in 1932 by a popular eatery in Kolkata. Story of origin aside, the kathi roll is essentially a popular street-food dish consisting of skewer-roasted kebab wrapped in paratha bread. 

Image of kathi roll

For only S$7.90, a Chicken Tikka roll transported me to India with its tender chunks of chicken tikka wrapped in a warm and fluffy paratha. Rolls are a quick and fuss-free meal, hence, it’s worth the buy. Other than Indian flavours, they have a healthy mix of fusion flavours like Spicy Italian Chicken (S$7.90) and Chicken Rendang (S$8.90)

They also serve unique drinks like the Masala Rose Yogurt Frappe (S$4.90) and Tamarind Probiotic Shot (S$4.90). Of course, what’s heading to a street food cart in India without a cuppa chai— Rollgaadi also sells Hot Masala Chai for S$2.90 only

3. Ding Jian Top Crêpes 鼎煎 (#B1-28)

Image of stall front

Rolls, wraps, crêpes, i12 Katong is killing me with the range of food choices! Ding Jian (Top Crepes 鼎煎) sells Chinese crêpes (from S$5.80) which is known for being a popular breakfast food sold at street stalls in China. It consists of wheat and grain-based crêpe, an egg, deep-fried crackers, your desired amount of savoury, sweet or spicy sauces, chopped scallions, and coriander. 

Image of crêpe

The freshly-made crêpe is folded into an envelope for you to dig in with ease. Its multi-layered flavours and texture is an absolute must-try especially when you’re feeling peckish. 

4. Guzman Y Gomez (#01-27/31)

image of nachos

There was a time when Guzman Y Gomez could only be found in town. Well, not anymore. I love how they’re gradually popping up in various neighbourhoods, making it easier for folks to get their Mexican fix at their doorstep.

Focusing on authentic Mexican flavours in every bite, GYG is a ‘fast food’ restaurant that I can see myself dining at every day. From their tasty Burrito (S$7.90 for mini, S$10.90 for regular) to their Enchilada (S$9.50 for mini, S$14.90 for regular), they have a whole range of affordable Mexican food that’ll leave you smiling in no time. 

5. Magic Chicken Cutlet (#B1-40)

image of stall

As the name suggests, Magic Chicken Cutlet is a store that sells fried chicken (duh), burgers, rice balls along with fusion-flavoured chicken cutlets like mala chicken cutlet and truffle chicken cutlet.

You’ve to walk all the way to the end of the food stretch of Basement 1 to get here, so don’t miss it! 

6. Kind Kones (#02-25)

image of sign

Kind Kones— an all-natural vegan ice-cream brand opens their third outlet in i12 Katong, and that’s great news! The ice-creams here are free from dairy, egg, refined sugar, and other artificial additives with mostly gluten-free options.

The store boasts its own sitting area and serves a selection of desserts that are healthier alternatives to conventional versions, which are usually loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats. Take a break from all that shopping and treat your body to a vegan dessert. 

7. Maki-San (#B1-43)

Image of stall

Looking for a quick Japanese snack to-go? Head on over to Maki-San, a Japanese fast food store where you can customise your own sushi and salad to your heart’s content.

With over 70 ingredients to choose from, every roll is made different. A sushi a day keeps the doctor at bay. 

8. IPPUDO (#01-04)

image of restaurant

No stranger to the Japanese food scene in Singapore and around since 2009, IPPUDO at i12 Katong is the chain’s first outpost in the East. Just like its River Valley outlet, the store has an outdoor dining area.

Long queues are expected to form daily, so remember to make a booking beforehand to avoid being disappointed. 

9. Privé (#01-28)

image of store

Located next to Guzman Y Gomez is Privé. The casual all-day dining and drinks concept, known for its wide range of food options, finally has a ‘home’ in i12 Katong.

The earthy-themed outlet has a well-curated menu with options to suit all preferences. Dress up or dress down, grab a seat, and have a wonderful dining experience coupled with a slew of aesthetically pleasing shots for the ‘gram

10. Coconut Queen (#B1-09)

image of stall

Okay, I know this isn’t an eatery but for our love of coconuts, I had to include Coconut Queen to the list. This smoothie and juice bar offers rich and creamy coconut shakes along with freshly cracked coconut juice. I don’t know about you but I always find myself in need of a good coconut drink to beat the heat. 

There you have it, a list of 10 eateries to drop by at i12 Katong. I also heard that Typhoon Taiwanese Café and So Good Bakery— a modern Hong Kong-style bakery— are opening soon too. Talk about an eclectic mix of Asian food, huh. Whether you’re heading down to visit classic eateries like Wine Connection Bistro or Tim Ho Wan, or to try something new like Janice Wong’s range of artsy confectionery, i12 Katong truly has something for everyone. 

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i12 Katong

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Our Rating 4/5

i12 Katong

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Telephone: +65 6306 3272

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