Kenji Taco Sushi: Scrumptious $4.80 Muslim-friendly sushi tacos and Japanese oysters at Northpoint City

In a time where you can get gourmet pizza and restaurant-quality Western food at hawker centres, I really shouldn’t be surprised by the unique stalls that can be found in the coffee shop and hawker centre scene. However, Kenji Taco Sushi located in Northpoint City has managed to astonish me with its seemingly random taco and sushi combinations. 

Kenji Taco Sushi - Exterior Shot

Kenji Taco Sushi is open daily from 10.30am to 9pm. Interestingly, it has 2 outlets which are both located at Northpoint City.

The first is at the basement’s Kopitiam outlet conjoined with the drink and dessert stall. The other outlet is at Bagus, located on the second floor of Northpoint City beside the Monster Chilli Grilled Fish & Mala Hotpot stall.

Kenji Taco Sushi - Worker

Whilst not halal certified, Kenji Taco Sushi uses the same ingredients from Monster Chilli Grilled Fish & Mala Hotpot that operates at an all-halal Bagus food court, making it Muslim-friendly.

What I tried at Kenji Taco Sushi

Kenji Taco Sushi - Sushi Tacos

Kenji Taco Sushi taco-rised most Japanese flavours that we’re familiar with. You have your California (S$4.80), Ebi Furai (S$4.80), Chuka Wakame (seaweed) (S$4.80) and Spicy Salmon (S$6.80)

Should the curated flavours not interest you, you can craft your sushi taco starting at S$7.80 for 2 toppings. These feature more diverse ingredients such as Snow Crab Leg and Smoked Duck, and you can pick from sauces like Nacho Cheese and Garlic Butter

There were also Japanese Hyogo Oysters at S$3.90 per piece and even Chirashi bowls with options like Chicken Teriyaki (S$8.80) and Scallop Truffle (S$10.80). I opted for the Spicy Salmon, Chicken Teriyaki (S$4.80) and Ebi Mentai (S$5.80) taco sushis.

Kenji Taco Sushi - Chicken Teriyaki

Just visually, with the generous amount of chicken cubes, Chicken Teriyaki was always going to be a messy affair no matter how you bite it. But with the satisfying crunch of the taco shell and well-marinated chicken, I didn’t mind it one bit. 

I’m glad the shell was fried with some flour and wasn’t just straight-up seaweed, as it was key to not only holding the shell shape, but it also added a crispy texture that was a carbon copy of actual taco shells. Despite the watery-looking sauce, it was a good representation of what teriyaki tasted like.

Kenji Taco Sushi - Chicken Teriyaki

The soft and slightly vinegary sushi rice worked surprisingly well with the brittle exterior. It was likely drizzled with mayo and had cucumber slices and corn bits. The coldness of the ingredients also made it an unexpectedly refreshing dish.

Kenji Taco Sushi - Spicy Salmon

Next was the Spicy Salmon. It had the same crispiness from the shell, but I felt the batter had a touch of spiciness which worked well with the umami-ness of the seaweed. 

It’s worth noting that the spicy mayo and ample salmon cubes were blowtorched lightly before being served. It wasn’t just for theatrics either, as it added a nice natural smoky flavour to the dish. Easily the best sushi taco out of the 3.

Kenji Taco Sushi - Ebi Mentai

Lastly was the Ebi Mentai. Similar to the Spicy Salmon, it too was torched before being served, though I felt the smokiness wasn’t as apparent. Also, the prawns were overly bland which made it the weakest tasting sushi taco out of the 3, even with the addition of mentaiko sauce, which tasted faultless.

Final thoughts 

Kenji Taco Sushi - Sushi Booth

I enjoyed my sushi taco experience and I thought it was definitely a more interesting way of eating sushi. Though the prices are definitely on the high side, in my opinion, it’s priced fairly when taking into consideration the ingredients that are used. Not to mention, they tasted really good and I felt like I got my money’s worth.

Having said that, if you’re looking for something that’ll fill your stomach, this certainly isn’t it. I had 3 pieces on my own but was back to starving less than an hour later. I’d say keep this in mind as a side dish or a strong candidate for a unique sushi date night experience, though you might want to have yours on the go for somewhere more scenic.

Expected damage: S$4.80 – S$6.80 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Kenji Taco Sushi

930 Yishun Avenue 2, Northpoint City, North Wing, #B2-12 , Singapore 769098

Our Rating 4/5

Kenji Taco Sushi

930 Yishun Avenue 2, Northpoint City, North Wing, #B2-12 , Singapore 769098

Operating Hours: 10.30am - 9pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10.30am - 9pm (Daily)