KFC Introduces Their All-New Waffle Original Recipe Double Down From 4 Sept


Chicken and waffles is a classic combination that we often see in an American diner. However, if you are lazy to go to a restaurant, or reluctant to spend an exuberant amount of cash just to eat chicken and waffles, here is an alternative for you.

Kfc Waffle Original Recipe Double Down Online 01
Credit – KFC Singapore

Introducing KFC‘s latest creation, Waffle Original Recipe Double Down, starting from 4 September 2019! Retailing at S$6.95 for a la carte, you can also get it as part of a meal for S$8.95, or in a box for S$10.95.

Kfc Chicken & Waffles

Unlike the US version of the dish which has Mrs Butterworth’s maple syrup, Singapore’s edition of Waffle Original Recipe Double Down is topped off with a creamy maple mayonnaise sauce. Seems to be the perfect combination of creamy and savoury in a bite.

Kfc Waffle Original Recipe Double Down Online 02
Credit – KFC Singapore

Just thinking about this just get my tastebuds dancing with the devil, or in this case, the Colonel. Let’s hope this meal is just as finger-lickin‘ good!

Catch this dish in-store at any KFC outlet, and let us know what your thoughts!

Dates & Times: Available at all KFC outlets from 4 September 2019

Price: TBC