KFC welcomes back Hot Devil Drumlets and Golden Durian Mochi on 15 Mar 2023

Hot Devil Drumlets (S$5.95 for 4, S$16.95 for 12) and Golden Durian Mochi (S$3.95 for 5S$7.80 for 10) are welcomed back by KFC on 15 Mar 2023.

We are always excited for specialised items from Singapore’s fast food chains (Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, etc.). For some reason, limited items just always seem tastier.

KFC — Hot Devil Drumlets
Credit – KFC

For those who have always liked a kick-start to their day, look no further than the Hot Devil Drumlets! They are available in 2 flavours: Spicy Lime and Flaming Chilli. For the adventurous ones not afraid of heat, the Flaming Chilli flavour is bound to satisfy with its intense fiery spice.

Spicy Lime caters to those who enjoy a little tang to the spice, giving a perfect acidity to the Hot Devil Drumlet. The small but delectable drumlets are sure to cater to lovers of sambal and birds’ eye chilli!

Unable to decide? Don’t sweat, as if you buy the 12pcs Mixed Hot Devil Drumlets (S$16.95), you get half of each flavour. KFC also offers the drumlets with a meal box or as an add-on, so the choice is yours! Pretty neat, if I do say so myself.

KFC — Golden Durian Mochi
Credit – KFC

The Golden Durian Mochi (S$3.95 for 5, S$7.80 for 10) will make a good quencher of the fiery heat. The filling is made with premium D24 durian. Since D24 is a durian famed with a balanced profile of sweet and bitter, there is no doubt that it would transcend age group preferences.

Personally, I find the crisp mochi exterior a genius idea since it would be a wonderful contrasting texture to the smooth durian lava filling. Honestly, I am pretty stoked to try this.

These limited items are available for both dine-in and takeaway at KFC outlets all over Singapore, except for 2 outlets at Singapore Polytechnic and Singapore Zoo. Other than that, the rest of Singapore’s outlets are ready to serve these delicious treats starting 15 Mar 2023. Make sure not to miss out on them!

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