Kinki’s Bottomless Brunch (Saturdays): For Those With An Insatiable Appetite For Japanese Food

Kinki Cover

Japanese food is a favourite to many Singaporeans and so are buffets. Here at Kinki, it combines both of this together to delight lovers of both.

Besides serving a vast array of dishes during the regular lunch and dinners hours, the restaurant has decided to start a new line of a brunch buffet on Saturdays only.

What’s best is that this restaurant is family-friendly. Children under the age of six dine free, while those aged between 6-12 will get a 50% off the buffet price. More reasons to bring the entire family there over the weekend!

Kinki View

The view from Kinki is spectacular. A magnificent view of the Marina Bay Sands greets you when you enter the restaurant, which gives the restaurant the premium urban vibe that it seeks to achieve.

Kinki’s buffet is ala carte-styled so that you do not have to walk around to different booths to pick up the food that you want. That means you’ll be served with freshly prepared food each time you order a dish from the 43 dishes in its ala carte menu.

Kinki Sake_

The Bottomless Brunch ($52 per pax) is served without drinks. However, you could top up for free flow drink of your choices.

The standard soft drinks, teas, Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino are priced at $5 free flow. While the Sake, shochu and Prosecco are at an additional $35. Beers come with a supplement of $25. I would recommend topping it up for the alcohol because, man, that’s a steal.

Kinki Sashimi

For me, sashimi and sushi are always a great start to any Japanese meal — Kinki’s brunch offers three kinds of sashimi. Salmon (Sake), Yellow Tail (Hamachi), and Bluefin Tuna (Maguro).

The fish slices were cut to the right thickness and were really fresh, but the consistency in slicing the sashimi could do better. It was sliced much thinner when I ordered the sashimi a second time.

Kinki Sweet Prawn and Hokkaido Scallop Sushi

The sweet prawn and Hokkaido scallops were two excellent nigiri choices served by this restaurant. The former had a great texture that was slightly crunchy on bite and melted quickly into the rice after.

Being a lover of scallops, the latter were fresh, sweet and complemented the sushi rice well.

Kinki Seared Hokkaido Scallop Sushi with Yuzu Dressing

Kinki offers a wide spread of sushi and maki to choose from. For aburi (seared) sushi lovers, you will be spoiled with choices like the aburi salmon belly, yellowtail and Hokkaido scallops.

Served with a tangy yuzu sauce, it complimented the lightly seared scallops really well. It was extremely fresh and soft and left me craving for more.

Kinki Seared Salmon and Yellow Tail Sushi

I thought that the aburi salmon and yellowtail sushi could do with another layer of flavour, like added mentaiko sauce to balance the flavours of the charred fish. Nonetheless, the fish slices were fresh and had the great texture achieve through the torching of the fish.

That being said, aburi sushi lovers should not miss these two options.

Kinki Hot Dynamite

Kinki offers a signature maki named the Hot Dynamite. This crispy dish is quite aptly named as the flavours are quite the “bomb”. Fried salmon and yellowtail rolls make up the fillings of this maki.The added fried prawn gave textures and tang to this dish.

Kinki Snow Crab and Century Egg Tofu

A noteworthy cold dish of this restaurant is the Snow Crab and Century Egg Tofu. It comes with a well-balanced blend of century egg and ginger, topped with snow crab.

The century egg goes hand in hand with the white tofu, and the snow crab provides the umami and additional punch that the dish needs.

Kinki Wagyu Udon

The main courses at this buffet are available for a one-time order only. The first main course dish that we tried was the Kinki Wagyu Udon, which came served with thinly sliced wagyu beef.

The broth was rather comforting which has a full-bodied beef taste, yet without overpowering the dashi flavors in it.

Kinki Wagyu Foie Gras Rice

We then had the Kinki Wagyu Foie Gras Donburi. This rice bowl came topped with grilled sliced wagyu and two pieces of buttery pan-seared foie gras. It’s easy to see why this is the restaurant’s most popular dish.

The richness from the beef and foie gras combines well together, all this on a bowl of hot Japanese rice. Yummy.

Kinki Kurobuta Cutlet

Another highlight in the main course section is the Kurobuta Katsu. Different from the usual deep fried pork loins, Kinki uses minced black pork for this fried cutlet instead.

It is paired with an apple curry sauce, which adds a slight sweetness and spiciness to the fried dish.

Kinki Saba Fish

The last main course that we tried was the Saba Shioyaki. The sea salt grilled mackerel was very fresh and it was really meaty. This is a must-try still, for those who love strong flavours.

These were just some dishes from the 43 dishes offered at Kinki’s buffet brunch. For those who like to enjoy a Japanese buffet with the comfort of a sit-down meal, go for Kinki’s bottomless brunch from 12 – 3pm on Saturdays. You can be sure to get your fill of quality Japanese dishes.


Expected Damage: $58++ per pax / add-on free flow alcohol $35++ per alcohol type

Kinki: 70 Collyer Quay, #02-02 Customs House Singapore 049323 | Tel: +65 6533 3471 | Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 12pm – 230pm, 6pm – 1030pm | Website | Facebook