Try PrimaDeli’s New Croissants Stuffed With Kit Kat Chocolate For Free On 24 Aug ’17 Islandwide

Primadeli Kitkat Croissant 1 ONLINE
Photo credit: PrimaDéli

Chocolate croissants are commonplace, but Kit Kat chocolate croissants? Not so much. PrimaDeli is launching their new chocolate croissant on 24 August 2017, with the pastry wrapped around a filling of Kit Kat chocolate.

Going on sale for $2.40 a piece, or $5.50 for three, this croissant looks like it’ll definitely create a storm amongst Kit Kat lovers in Singapore.

If you’re on the fence about it, don’t miss your chance to try it for free on 24 August before you make up your mind! PrimaDeli will be giving away 10,000 free croissants between 12pm and 3pm islandwide, except for KK Hospital outlet, and it is limited to one croissant per customer.

Expected damage: $2.40

Kit Kat Chocolate Croissant: Available Islandwide | Tel: +65 62763333 | Website | Facebook | List of outlets