New Naturally Pink Kit Kat Ruby Made With Rare Ruby Cocoa Beans Now Available On RedMart

Kit Kat Ruby 1

Kit Kat has a gorgeous new addition to their repertoire: Kit Kat Ruby. This is no ordinary chocolate bar. If you have been keeping up with all things cacao, this particular bar is made with ruby cocoa beans, where the chocolate produced from beans have a natural millennial pink hue.

Kit Kat Ruby 3

This is rather exciting news, as now there are officially four kinds of chocolate. Milk, Dark, White and Pink! When I heard that Kit Kat is coming up with a bar of this pink beauty, I had to get my hands on it.

Kit Kat Ruby 2

This rosy chocolate bar has a distinct berry note, which is the perfect accompaniment to tea. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth this bar of Kit Kat Ruby was. Just like a white chocolate bar sans the cloying sweetness, a win in my book.

You can get this darling Kit Kat bar on RedMart for S$2.50 or if you are feeling fancy you can purchase the special edition for S$8.50.

This is a naturally pink chocolate bar, need I say more?

Dates & Times: Available now from RedMart 

Prices: S$2.50 for a normal bar, S$8.50 for a special edition bar