klapsons’ The Boutique Hotel: Singapore Staycation Review

A couples boutique Singapore hotel through and through


Located just 5 minutes by foot away from Tanjong Pagar station, klapsons’ boutique hotel had impressed me right from the start due to its accessibility.

Foodies should also be excited about the location of the hotel: there are great stretches of food hunts just a stone’s throw away from klapsons’ hotel – the famous Maxwell Food Centre, China Town Food Market and even 100am mall which is jam-packed with F&B outlets Keisuke Tori King Ramen.


Futuristic, contemporary and stylish, pulling open the doors and stepping onto the lobby of klapsons’ boutique hotel made me feel as though I was stepping into a sci-fi movie. You can’t blame me: the hotel’s receptionists are housed within this metallic bubble where you actually have to climb a series of stairs to. Cool, or what?


If you are travelling in large groups, then good for you: the sofas in the lobby are extremely plush and comfortable; they are perfect for you to lounge in while waiting for stragglers in the morning. It always happens.

klapsons’ Boutique Hotel Oasis Suite Room



We were provided with an “Oasis Suite” room (from $440 per night) for our stay and guess what made me squeal the very moment I laid my eyes on it? Yup, the Outdoor Jacuzzi which has built-in colour-changing LED lights! Ah, just typing that out and visualising the scene in my head had just quickened my heart rate a little again.

Due to the natural falling of leaves, the jacuzzi pool was a little dirty when we first arrived but upon making a quick call to the receptionists at the lobby, it was cleaned up in a jiffy – ready to be enjoyed at night!


But wait, there’s more! We were greeted by an extremely spacious, clean and welcoming room upon a few steps within the room. The orange tones cleverly placed around the room enhanced the homeliness of our entire stay in the hotel. The Italian furnishings also provide an excellent comforting seat to lounge at.

There is also a small work station for all those who plan on ticking some things on their to-do list during their stay. But… Then again, why would you when you’re on a holiday?

For privacy measures, the curtains can be drawn so no one from the outside will get to see you prancing around the room in your birthday suit.



Did I mention that the boutique hotel is essentially geared toward couples? Well, I should definitely mention it now because look, open-concept showers! There are no curtains or blinds whatsoever so if you’re not comfortable with baring it all in front of your significant other yet, well, you could maybe ask your partner to just… chill on the bed? Oh no, wait, that sounded wrong. You know what I mean.

I also thought that it was a rather smart design: two separate sinks so you and your partner can get ready with your daily facials simultaneously. No more complaining that the other is taking way too long to floss their teeth or applying facial products, yay!


Just to the right, you will find a bath tub: if your partner likes to soak within while you prefer to shower, then this arrangement will work perfectly for the both of you. Or, you know, you could shower together first then head to the tub. Whatever floats your boat.


Did you notice that I haven’t mentioned anything about a toilet bowl? Well, luckily, klapsons’ has designed the room such that the a separate toilet is tucked away in a private corner of the suite; and it comes with a door. Good, because I don’t think it’s very romantic to be watching your significant other… you know, execute bowel movements and stuff.


Coffee lovers will be pleased to see that klapsons’ has a Nespresso machine and a boxful of complimentary coffee capsules ready to kick start your mornings right. Of course, we went crazy over this. Being typical Singaporeans, I think there weren’t any left at the end of our stay.

Breakfast at The Sleeping Rhino


We were entitled to a complimentary ala-carte breakfast at The Sleeping Rhino, a restaurant located beside the lobby of the boutique hotel. Just look at that bright, purplish and cheery signboard! It made my day.


The interior of the restaurant is laid back and casual with just a hint of poshness.



Salmon Benedict ($20) – poached eggs on toast glazed with hollandaise sauce, smoked salmon, sauteed mushrooms and corn kernel. This was an excellent meal through and through.

You can read more about our Sleeping Rhino review here.

With that, our stay at klapsons’ Boutique Hotel had come to an end. I believe the hotel has indeed lived up to their tagline of “We’re awfully good” – I was extremely reluctant to check out.

As previously mentioned, this is a hotel which has been designed specifically with couples in mind so don’t bring your friends over for a stay-cation here. It’ll be super awkward, trust me.

Did I also mention that all 17 rooms of the hotel have slightly different layouts and configurations with individualized designs, not just using standard lookalike rooms? I guess you’ll have to stay in klapsons’ for 17 times to find out just what the other rooms look like then!

Expected Damage: From $230 per night


klapsons’ The Boutique Hotel: 15 Hoe Chiang Rd, Lucas, Tower Fifteen, Singapore 089316 | Tel: 6521 9000 | Website