Knickers + Bockers Singapore: Create your own pizza with Unlimited Toppings at only $12.90

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Knicker + Bockers is a casual pizza joint that has a “build-your-own” concept – kinda like a pizza version of Maki-san.

While there are a few places where customers are allowed to create their own personal customized pizzas, Knicker + Bockers’ topping choices are ‘unlimited’ – you can choose every single topping on the menu and it will be added to your custom pizza for the same price of $12.90. You can also go as far as to choose your type of dough.

There are four types of dough available; NY style, Cali style, NY Herb Crusted and Cali Herb Crusted, five special sauces, eight kinds of cheese and 40 toppings to choose from.

Inspired by New York’s fast casual pizza dining scene. the owner then decided to bring it to Singapore. This small story is summed up in Knicker + Bockers’ cute logo with New York’s iconic building on a slice of pizza.

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Knicker + Bockers aims to offer consumers quality artisanal pizzas at an affordable price.

The consumers’ engagement, from choosing their very own ingredients to watching their creation come into fruition, is also another selling point.

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They have station counters just like subway, just that you don’t have to yell over the glass to tell them what sauce or vegetables you want because you would have already written it down on a form.

With clean cut interior, high top tables, Knicker + Bockers in Raffles exudes a very casual quick atmosphere – good for people who want their food on the go.

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They use this conveyor belt oven to bake all their pizzas so it’s more efficient.

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You’re Welcome  ($12.90)

Here’s our own creation (which I am really proud of): Cali Herb Crusted Dough, Smoky BBQ sauce, Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese, Red Capsicums, Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach, Fresh Basil, Argula, Chicken sausages, Prosciutto and Salami.

The Argula, basil and Prosciutto was added only after the other ingredients were toasted.

With the smoky BBQ sauce, the pizza was on the sweeter side but the salami and ham added saltiness. As ironic as this sounds, it feels like the pizzas can get pretty healthy as there are a ton of vegetables options. The vegetables on top, gave it that extra fresh raw edge while the capsicums lent it a sweet juiciness with every bite.

Glad they included more traditionally Italian pizza toppings like basil and prosciutto into their choices.

In case you’re short of time or you do not like cracking your head over what would go right together, Knicker + Bockers already has 10 predetermined pizza flavours.

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Curry Lovers  ($12.90)

A localised flavour they offer is the Curry Lovers, a curry-based pizza with vegetables like carrots and onions and chicken bits.

The Curry Lovers pizza tasted like the curry vegetable we commonly have on cai png, but on a cheesy bread.

An interesting taste, evident curry flavour and does not overwhelm. But still kind of odd to have carrots and taste curry on a pizza to me.

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Apart from pizza, you can also make your own pastas. And similar to the pizza, the pastas can also be customized or  come with a few set flavours.

One of which we tried, was the Captain Nemo, a Garlic Pesto based pasta with seafood.

The pasta was a pretty small portion, enough for me but might not be sufficient for many lol.

Surprisingly the pasta was really good. I mean you don’t go into a pizza place assuming the pasta would be good too unless it’s an italian restaurant or something similar.

The garlic pesto base was distinctly aromatic, sufficiently coating the pasta. There were also baked cheese bits or bread crumbs on the side that gave the pasta extra flavour to a base that can get rather flat.

The strips of prawn and squid inside were cooked nicely, to a springy texture.

Only qualm is that the pesto sauce can get quite oily.

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If you’re craving for something pizza-esque in the morning, Knicker + Bockers also does some morning goods specially for the Raffles place outlet only, of course catering to the CBD working crowd.

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Knicker + Bockers also does delivery services for places around their two outlets.

With a minimum purchase of $40, Knicker + Bockers’ delivery can be waived. Orders below $40 will be subjected to a $2 delivery fee.

Overall, I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a cheap place to have pizzas. I mean, $12.90 for a pizza with unlimited toppings, that’s pretty value-for-money. Despite being unlimited in selection of toppings, they are not stingy with the quantity and quality. There’s a wide variety and you can even pick the crust, which I think is pretty good since some people prefer thin crusts.

Surprisingly good I would say.

Expected Damage: $12.90 per pax

Knicker + Bockers: Raffles Place, Ocean Financial Centre, 10 Collyer Quay, #B1-10, Singapore 049315 | Tel: 65099247 | Website