Kooks Creamery: Dessert spot with chocolate & matcha lava waffles, lava cookies & homemade ice cream

We made our way to the neighbourhood of Bedok North to try the latest creation from Kooks Creamery, where they have lava waffles with their own unique take on the signature overflowing lava ganache.

kooks creamery - cafe front

If you didn’t already know, this dessert spot specialises in lava-inspired sweet treats and drinks. 7 years ago, we savoured their lava cookies at their Serangoon outlet and they were phenomenal.

kooks creamery - cafe interior

All the luxurious tubs of ice cream served here are made in-house. Single scoops start at S$4.30 while a double scoop will cost you S$7.50.

I have made ice cream myself when I was attached to the pastry department at my previous job. It was fun but tiring as well. The chefs in the kitchen must be having a ball creating all these interesting flavours (I’m jealous).

kooks creamery - ice cream flavours

kooks creamery - ice cream closeup

Kooks Creamery also offers premium flavours like Brown Butter (S$5.30) as well as specialty flavours and oat-based options which are suitable for vegans at S$6.30 per scoop.

kooks creamery - waffle making

And now I’ll jump into the main objective of my visit. We crashed their kitchen and had a sneak peek at how the waffles were made.

The finished waffles were trimmed until they were perfectly squarish (even those with OCDs will be satisfied). A decadent thick layer of matcha lava ganache was then spread atop before our scoops of ice cream were stacked on top.

kooks creamery - lava waffle matcha

Voila! Our Matcha Lava Waffles (S$9) with a double scoop consisting of Blue Chai Hokkaido Milk and Blueberry Honey Yoghurt (+S$11.50) was ready.

The Blueberry Honey Yoghurt was creamy and tart, and matched perfectly with the earthy bitterness of the matcha ganache.

I was also intrigued at the Blue Chai Hokkaido Milk with its multiple depths of flavour encapsulated within a single scoop. We even argued amongst ourselves that we tasted banana in it even though there was none. The crispy and fluffy waffle at the bottom was the perfect finish to this dessert.

kooks creamery - ice cream insides

We also ordered the Choc Lava Waffles (S$8.50) with a double scoop of Brown Butter and vegan Strawberry Balsamic (+S$10.50). The chocolate ganache wasn’t overly sweet and matched really well with the Brown Butter which tasted like my favourite, butterscotch. Yummy!

kooks creamery - chocolate lava waffles

kooks creamery - chocolate lava waffles closeup

For a dairy-free ice cream that’s vegan, I was impressed that the Strawberry Balsamic tasted just like a normal concoction without compromising on flavour. How on earth did they do that?

kooks creamery - other offerings

A visit to Kooks Creamery isn’t complete without ordering the Chocolate Lava Cookie (S$7) topped with an ice cream of your choice. You can also get the Matcha Lava Latte (S$5.50) (I highly recommend you add a scoop of black sesame ice cream to it).

kooks creamery - other offerings

We couldn’t get enough of their ice cream, and so my colleagues and I went home with a couple of pints each. They were reasonably priced for that level of quality.

For truly yummy desserts and ice cream, visit the lava haven at Kooks Creamery at any of their outlets… don’t expect volcanos, though.

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