Korat Thai Cafe’s new menu has Volcano Pork Spine & more at Orchard Towers

On an adventurous evening, the entire intern team headed to Korat Thai Cafe for a massive Thai food feast at Orchard Towers. Although we were told that queues were generally shorter at 7pm, the entire restaurant was filled with hungry guests when we arrived.

korat thai cafe - several dishes

The staff’s swift hands arranged tables and seats for us in the outdoor dining area of the restaurant. We had come with one purpose: to dig into their new menu items. 

A total of 3 new items were added with The Muttons’ restaurant takeover. However, we were game to try only 2 of them. 

korat thai cafe - pork spine on plate

Everyone turned to watch the tallest staff member carry over the 1kg Leng Saap (Volcano Pork Spine) (S$22) to us. Towering above all the dishes on our table, it consisted of more than 5 huge pork spine bones stacked over a clear soup base. The broth was packed with freshly chopped green chilli and coriander leaves.

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The pork spine meat was surprisingly tender and I loved the chewy tendon bits that stuck to the spine. However, it was rather messy and tedious to scrape the meat from the bones. After several failed attempts, we realised chopsticks were out of the question; a fork and spoon are the best tools for the job. 

korat thai cafe - pork spine

The meat was bland on its own and much better when dipped into the tangy, spicy and almost refreshing both. The dish could have been more flavourful if the bones had been stewed longer in the soup. 

korat thai cafe - tomyam mama

The other addition to the menu we tried is an iconic Thai dish perfect for large groups, Korat Tom Yam Mama Sharing (S$32). Portioned for 2 to 3 pax, it is served in a large metal pot filled with a bed of instant noodles, meatballs, fresh prawns, crabmeat, squid, and 4 thick slabs of charred pork belly slices (the best part!). 

korat thai cafe - pork belly on tomyam

The ingredients were then drenched with a sour, creamy and mildly spicy tom yam broth. Although I prefer more intense spiciness, the spice level was manageable for my colleagues with lower tolerance. 

korat thai cafe - crispy omelette

We also tried an assortment of dishes from their old menu. We felt that their Signature Crispy Omelette (S$9.50) was deserving of its title. Fried till golden brown, it gives a satisfying crunch through the fried eggs; the downside is that it’s laden with oil.

Wash the oiliness away with Thai Iced Milk Tea (S$3) or Thai Iced Green Milk Tea (S$3). We appreciated that the drink did not taste diluted even at the end of the meal. 

Drop by Korat Thai Cafe early to avoid the snaking lines that start from 8pm!

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Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Korat Thai Cafe

400 Orchard Rd, Orchard Towers, #03-28, Singapore 238875

Our Rating 3/5

Korat Thai Cafe

400 Orchard Rd, Orchard Towers, #03-28, Singapore 238875

Telephone: 8208 0651
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 11pm (Daily)
Telephone: 8208 0651

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 11pm (Daily)
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