Krispy Kreme Australia Releases Limited Edition Rick And Morty-Inspired Flavoured Doughnuts While Stocks Last

If you’re a big fan of American science fiction sitcom Rick and Morty, you’ll be pumped to know that the family-favourite Krispy Kreme Australia has released limited-edition Rick and Morty-inspired flavoured doughnuts!

Rick And Morty Krispy Kreme Online
Credit – Krispy Kreme Australia

For this Rick and Morty range, Krispy Kreme has launched three new doughnut flavours and a new shake. The four items in this collection are all references to iconic moments in the four-season long series. A coincidence? I think not.

Rick And Morty Krispy Kreme Online 2
Credit – Krispy Kreme Australia

The first Rick and Morty-inspired flavour is Strawberry Smiggles, named after the breakfast cereal in one of the many realities of Rixty Minutes (for all you nerds out there). This doughnut features Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Doughnut with strawberry filling, coated with white chocolate truffle. It is then topped with mini marshmallows, meringue pieces and coloured sprinkles, and of course—Strawberry Smiggles.

Rick And Morty Krispy Kreme Online 3
Credit – Krispy Kreme Australia

Next is Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie, from Season Three during the reign of evil Morty. This doughnut is hand-dipped in strawberry truffle, with a vanilla crème filling and topped with white chocolate and crushed wafer disc.

Rick And Morty Krispy Kreme Online 1
Credit – Krispy Kreme Australia

Perhaps the most recognisable doughnut is Pickle Rick, from fan-favourite episode when Rick turns himself into a pickle, which has sparked a barrage of eternalised pickle memes. This doughnut is filled with lemon crème, dipped in white chocolate truffle and embellished with a white chocolate ‘Pickle Rick’, in a vibrant pickle green.

Rick And Morty Krispy Kreme Online 4
Credit – Krispy Kreme Australia

Last but not least is the Fleeb Juice Shake, inspired by the fleebs in Season Three that gave rise to Plumbuses. This drink is a concoction of fresh milk, ice cream and blue heaven and raspberry-flavoured syrups, blended together in Krispy Kreme’s traditional milkshake mixer, freshly made in-store.

Rick And Morty Krispy Kreme Online 5
Credit – Krispy Kreme Australia

If you’re lucky enough to be in Australia for the next few weeks, this Rick and Morty collection is available in all Krispy Kreme stores, while the Rick and Morty Dozen (AUD$27.95) is available for next-day delivery from Krispy Kreme Australia or same-day delivery on UberEats. The range will be in stores until 16 March 2020 or while stocks last, and available to order online for next day click-and-collect until 5pm AEDT on 2 March 2020 or while stocks last.

Fingers crossed that this Rick and Morty collection will grace our shores soon!

Dates & Times: Available in Krispy Kreme Australia outlets, online, and on UberEats from now till 16 March 2020 and 2 March 2020, respectively or while stocks last 

Prices: Individual items TBC, Rick and Morty Dozen (AUD$27.95)