Ku De Ta Singapore: New Asian Brunch Menu

 “A relaxing, lazy Sunday brunch”

ku de ta brunch menu singapore

Ku De Ta Singapore is reinventing its brunch menu with a brand new modern Asian style on the weekends. Changing its buffet menu to reduce all the food wastage, Ku De Ta now introduces a 5 course brunch set at $98++, and the Champagne brunch option at $178++. Free flow dessert and coffee/tea are also available part of the set.

Experience typical breakfast ingredients in a different light. Executive Chef Frederic Faucheux revitalises Ku De Ta’s weekend brunch with a menu featuring a medley of brunch favourites inspired by the simple Japanese palate, and tweaked to appeal to the Singapore appetite.

ku de ta outdoor singapore bar

ku de ta singapore day view

On my first visit to Ku De Ta high above Marina Bay Sands, it was a night tasting and my photos could barely do the view justice. But as you can see on this sunny Sunday afternoon, the skyline view of Singapore’s city is just breathtaking.

Choose between the soothing air-conditioning inside, or feel the sun shine and breeze on your face while you enjoy a slow paced brunch meal at Marina Bay Sands.

But I’d rather not feel like a baked lobster, so here we are inside embracing the world’s best invention: Air Conditioning.

ku de ta singapore chopsticks

Something that I didn’t realize the last time was that the Ku De Ta chopsticks are designed in such a way that allows the tip to balance upwards even when placed on the table, thus not dirtying your chopstick tip.

Sugoi! I just had to mention this amazing detail.

We’re now going go through some of the dishes available for the set brunch menu.

oyster,salmon, tuna tataki - Ku De Ta singapore

ku de ta marina bay sands oyster

Oyster, Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Tataki. This is a serving for 2 people. I would recommend starting with salmon, and ending with oyster as the strongest flavour.

The fresh Oysters were pretty oceanic and further enhanced with Ikura, but could have used a bit more Konbu jelly and diced apple to give more sweetness.

Salmon Sashimi by itself was already really good, but chef gives it a bit of shishito dressing, mizuna and uni powder for very fine undertones.

The firm Tuna Tataki was a very nice combination with ponzu as well as having subtle sweetness from the onion. A contrast to the softer salmon sashimi.

ku de ta singapore Prawn Salad with Glass Noodle

Prawn Salad with Glass Noodle. The glass noodles were a bit on the raw side though, being of the firmer texture. Prawns were succulent with the distinct taste of sesame oil.

ku de ta mbs cucumber salad

Cucumber Salad. 3 different kinds of seaweed are used in this salad that is simply tossed with onion ponzu.

ku de ta singapore prawn tempura

Prawn and Vegetable Tempura. A classic mixed tempura with batter that is clean to the bite and doesn’t leave that oily taste.

The following dishes are main courses that can be selected as part of the brunch set.

ku de ta singapore ramen

Ramen. Comes with Shimeji mushroom, bacon, egg, spring onion, udon noodle, clear soup. A simple ramen soup that is very comforting to eat.

ku de ta singapore okonomiyaki

Asian Omelette. A savoury Japanese pancake also known as Okonomiyaki, with tuna within. This version is more omelette than pancake.

ku de ta singapore donburi

Donburi. Pork belly, mix vegetables with chilli garlic, teriyaki, robata grilled. The grilled pork belly was very tasty, crispy out side with juicy fats inside with a smooth texture.

ku de ta singapore laksa

Laksa. Tiger prawn, chilli linguine, laksa essence. Using a chilli infused linguini pasta, this interpretation of Asian laksa has quite a thick gravy rather than the local soupier curry versions.

ku de ta singapore brunch char siew noodle

Char Siew. Hong Kong style egg noodle, chicken char siew, wok fried capsicum. Although I would still much rather pork char siew, the chicken marinate here was still pretty darn good and simply put together with the fried egg noodles, although missing a bit of the charred wok scent.

ku de ta chicken katsu don

Chicken Katsudon. Rice, mushroom, fried red onion, spring onion, tonkatsu sauce, poached egg. Another classic Japanese don bound to fill you up.

ku de ta singapore desserts

After brunch, enjoy a free flow platter of desserts, light cakes, macaroons, chocolates and tarts too.

ku de ta hoegaarden rose

Hoegaarden Rose is currently only exclusively available at Ku De Ta which I just had to try. A fruity, sweet beverage with the familiar smoothness of white beer, this makes easy drinking even in the afternoon.

I’ve been known to like girly drinks, and this is right up my alley.

ku de ta table marina bay sands

The revitalised brunch at Ku De Ta Singapore is a one-of-a-kind concept that serves Asian dishes composing of breakfast ingredients like eggs and bacon to create lunch items that are comforting and simple.

A unique Asian brunch experience very different from the usual western fare, with a large variety of main courses that can definitely appeal to most preferences.

For a slow paced brunch, come by Ku De Ta by if you’re not in a hurry and just want to laze away Sundays; the way Sundays were meant to be spent.

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Download the Brunch menu here

Expected Damage: $115/pax 

Ku De Ta Singapore: SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands, Tower 3, 1 Bayfront Avenue Singapore 018971 | Tel: 6688 7688 | Website