Kun Ji Duck Rice: Comforting S$3.50 Duck Rice & Duck Porridge At Marine Parade

Duck rice and duck porridge have always been my go-to for comfort food since it’s both affordable and scrumptious.

If you stay somewhere in the East, I am sure you will have heard about Kun Ji Duck Rice at Marine Parade Central Market & Food Centre. There are long queues during peak hours every day!

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In hopes of adding another gem to my duck rice/porridge list, I traveled all the way from the West to the East to get a taste of Kun Ji Duck Rice.

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I couldn’t really decide between the braised or roasted duck rice, but based on the owner’s recommendation, I went for the Braised Duck Rice (S$3.50). After all, it’s the stall’s signature dish.

I also ordered the Braised Duck Porridge (S$3.50) to try. To accompany the two dishes, I also added on two plates of roasted meats (S$4) and braised side dishes (S$3.50, price varies with sides chosen).

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Even though I wanted to take a bite of all the dishes all at once, I held myself back.

I started with the Braised Duck Rice (S$3.50) first, which came with sambal on the side.

Kun Ji gave a pretty generous portion of rice, and the dish also had plenty of duck meat drizzled with braised sauce all over. There was a good mixture of thicker and thinner slices of duck meat, all with skin, and each piece was tender and flavourful with a good amount of fat.

Kun Ji Duck Rice 8

The rice had a nice soft but still textured consistency, and after being coated with the braised sauce became more flavourful.

Take a spoonful of the rice and some duck meat with a dash of sambal — that’s the best way to savour all the flavours and textures at once!

Overall, I found this to be an affordable and satisfying plate of duck rice. If I’m ever back in the Marine Parade area, I’d like to go back for a second plate.

Kun Ji Duck Rice 3

Next up was the Braised Duck Porridge (S$3.50), which I was most eager to try.

The first thing I noticed was that the bowl was filled to the brim, and was absolutely drenched with braised sauce. I enjoy my duck porridge drowned in lots of sauce, so this bowl was perfect for me.

Once again, the dish came with a generous portion of duck slices, which I appreciated.

Kun Ji Duck Rice 5

Mixing the porridge with the braised sauce created a bowl of delicious goodness that was rich in flavour without being too salty and had a hint of sweetness. Each comforting spoonful made me feel like I was being wrapped in a warm blanket.

The duck which was tender, paired well with the smooth consistency of the porridge.

This was definitely a generous and comforting bowl of duck porridge, and the best part is that it is only S$3.50.

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Of course, we ordered a plate of roasted assorted meats to pair with our meal. There was a line-up of roasted char siew and pork (S$4), which came in pretty generous slices.

Kun Ji Duck Rice 7

Picking up a piece of pork, I noticed that they used a leaner cut of meat, which means there was less fat compared to the usual sio bak. I didn’t mind that the pork was less fatty because that meant there was more meat for me to enjoy.

Because the meat was leaner, it had a tougher texture, but was still easy to chew. I was also glad that the skin was crispy and not soggy.

To give your pork a little spicy kick, enjoy it with some chilli. Their garlic chilli was on the sweeter side though, which helped to mellow out the spice.

Kun Ji Duck Rice 6

The char siew was also on the leaner side with slightly charred ends, which added some smoky flavour.

However, I found the meat to be too tough for my liking. I would’ve preferred the char siew to break apart more easily, like most other char siew slices I have tried.

Kun Ji Duck Rice 9378

One does not simply patronise a duck rice stall without getting a plate of braised side dishes (S$3.50 in total),so I ordered some tau kua (tofu), tau pok (tofu skin), braised eggs, salted vegetables and peanuts.

There is not much to say about these side ingredients, except that they made a good addition to the duck porridge and duck rice. I especially enjoyed getting a mouthful of peanuts, salted vegetables and tau kua with my porridge.

Priced quite affordably at S$0.50 per dish as an add-on, you can also get the salted vegetables and peanuts for S$1 as an a la carte dish.

My trip to the East was not in vain, and I liked that the dishes were generous in portion, tasty yet affordable. I would definitely add Kun Ji Duck Rice to my list of go-to duck rice/porridge places.

Craving some comfort food that doesn’t cost much? Head down to Kun Ji Duck Rice if you’re in the East!

Expected Damage: S$3.50 – S$7 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Kun Ji Duck Rice

84 Marine Parade Central, #01-178 Marine Parade Central Market & Food Centre, Singapore 440084

Our Rating 4/5

Kun Ji Duck Rice

84 Marine Parade Central, #01-178 Marine Parade Central Market & Food Centre, Singapore 440084

Operating Hours: 9.30am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 9.30am - 10pm (Daily)