Lady M brings in the pumpkin season with Butter Pecan Mille Crêpes and Pumpkin Nuage

How do you eat your crêpe cake? Do you peel the layers, cut through the whole cake, or do a mixture of both? Personally, I peel off every individual layer, often caught in the act of devouring my whole cake. When I heard that Lady M curated a seasonal Autumn exclusive, I couldn’t wait to try their world-famous decadent delights— except this time, a pumpkin season exclusive.

Embrace the season of fall by deconstructing each layer of the newest rendition, the Butter Pecan Mille Crêpes. Inspired by the classic Southern pecan pie, Lady M’s newest Butter Pecan Mille Crêpes encompasses twenty layers of crêpes interspersed with pecan pastry cream. Wedded with a nutty crunch of caramelised pecan pralines, the cohesion of sweet and salty has crept into the hearts of patisserie lovers.

Butter Pecan Mille Crêpes

We were lucky to have a taste of Lady M’s gorgeous butter pecan delight, its flavours rich yet not indulgent. Each bite entails a mouthful of candied pecans, neutralising the smooth and tender texture of the crepes. This adds a surprisingly pleasant twist to their usual take on the Signature Mille Crêpes.

Perfect for an after-meal delight with friends, the Butter Pecan Mille Crêpes goes by the slice (S$13), or by the whole (S$130).

Alternatively, Lady M prepared another delicate bonne bouche for this season. The Pumpkin Nuage adds an innovative twist on Lady M’s Gâteau Nuage. Inspired by the fall favourite flavour, pumpkin spice, the Pumpkin Nuage has pumpkin-flavoured cream cheese sitting on top of a cinnamon-kissed graham cracker base. If a cheesecake and a pumpkin pie made a baby, the Pumpkin Nuage would be its child.

Lady M -Pumpkin Nuage
Credit – Lady M

Likewise, this dessert is available by the slice (S$13), or by the whole (S$130).

All in all, Lady M’s Autumn desserts are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but the dessert table. Both options are definitely Instagram gold— try checking out all variations of crepe cakes with the #millecrepe hashtag, you’d be surprised by number of boasts on these stratified slices.

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