Larry & The Birds delivers fried chicken, sandwiches, & booze islandwide until 2am daily

Last Updated: May 27, 2021

Written by Vera Leng

Sprung from comfort food place of Freehouse, Larry & The Birds is their latest fried chicken concept that looks after your most indulgent needs even at the wee hours into the night. As the old, sagely saying goes, arm yourself with fried chicken and alcohol, and you’re set for anything the night might bring. Or… something like that.

Fried chicken from Larry And The Birds

Credit – Larry And The Birds

You don’t want to miss the menu’s all-star Ramen Fried Chicken ($32/5pc), which features GG poulet drumsticks doused in an umami-laden aged fish sauce caramel served with gochugaru pickled cucumbers. Talk about a textural trip for your palate.

As if fried chicken at midnight wasn’t decadent enough, how about the whole nine yards because we’re busting out just about the tastiest sandwich you’ll find at the hour. The Late-night Toastie ($16) is cooked in chicken fat and filled with Montgomery’s cheddar, raclette, ogleshield, nduja and a house fermented chilli, so even if you’re having trouble sleeping, this toasted sandwich’s sure to send you straight to food coma town.

Delivery from Larry And The Birds

Credit – Larry And The Birds

And just as you’re thinking about how your pre-bedtime meal couldn’t get any heartier, the GinChup (S$16), a gin-infused ketchup tube, is available as an add-on. So that 2% alcohol in your dip will be just enough to send you into a sweet, sweet nighttime buzz.

Freshly crumbed chicken

Credit – Larry & The Birds

Larry & The Birds has also partnered up with sister bottle shop brand Temple Cellars to bring us 24/7 alcohol, so there’s no more worrying about making it to the supermarket before 10.30pm to sneak home a bottle of wine. Instead, get the Heart of Darkness Fruit Punch Lager (S$9), S.Tokyo Junmai Ginjo sake (S$115) or Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz (2018) (S$65.30) delivered to your doorstep.

Orders and pre-orders can be made directly via WhatsApp (8800 3103) and Oddle. Islandwide Delivery is free on orders above S$100, and a delivery fee of S$12 applies to orders below S$100. In addition, get 10% off when you pick them up yourself.

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Price: $ $

Larry & The Birds

10 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069251


Larry & The Birds

10 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069251

Telephone: +65 8800 3103
Operating Hours: 8pm to 2am
Telephone: +65 8800 3103

Operating Hours: 8pm to 2am
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