Three Exclusive Drinks & Reusable Tumblers From Line Friends & The Alley’s Adorable Collaboration In Japan, Korean & Thailand

Line Friends has recently collaborated with well-known Taiwanese bubble tea chain The Alley. They’ve created three exclusive drinks which come with limited-edition cup designs that look absolutely adorable.

Line Friends X The Alley 1

The three unique concoctions are the Sally Deerioca Pumpkin Milk, Brown Pumpkin Hoji Tea, and Sally Orange Smoothie.Sadly, the drinks are currently unavailable in Singapore. But if you’re making your way to either Japan, Thailand or Korea, you could get your hands on their pumpkin-flavoured drinks! As for the orange smoothie, they are available in Thailand as well as Japan. 


In Thailand, customers can enjoy the drinks at 120 Baht (S$5.40) with a Line Friends Design Sleeve. 

Line Friends X The Alley 7

If you’ve jumped on the eco-friendly, reusable items bandwagon or you’re simply an advocate of the movement, you could grab yourself a reusable Line Friends Design Tumbler at THB350 (S$15.80)


In Japan, the drinks are scheduled to launch on different weeks.

Line Friends X The Alley 8

The first of the three is the Sally Orange Smoothie that will be launched at The Alley stores starting from 11 November 2019 to 10 December 2019. The orange smoothies are sold at JP¥650 which is approximately S$8.10.

Deerioca Pumpkin Milk is the second drink that’s launching on 11 December 2019, all the way until 12 January 2020. Lastly, the Pumpkin Hojicha Tea Latte will be available between 13 January – 9 February 2020.

Line Friends X The Alley 5

For those who are looking to purchase the Reusable Line Friends Design Cups, they will unfortunately only be sold in December. 

Line Friends X The Alley 3

Looking to enjoy those drinks with your favourite characters from Line Friends? Customers can also make a trip down to the Line Friends pop-up stores.

There are a total of five pop-up stores, located at Shibuya Dogenzaka, Omotesando, Nakameguro, Kobe Sannomita and Fukoka Tenjin.


The three drinks have already been launched in Korea since 11 November 2019. They are available at both Line Friends shop outlets in Myeongdong and Itaewon, as well as The Alley retail stores. 

Line Friends X The Alley 2

The reusable cups are also available in Korea and are sold at 9,000KRW (S$10.50) each.

If only I could be in one of the three countries, I’d definitely grab the drinks and reusable cups. For those of you with travel plans to Japan, Korea or Thailand, don’t miss it!

Dates & Times: Now available until 9 February 2020

Prices: S$5.40 – $15.80 per item