Live Twice, Outram Park: “Meant to be savoured in reverent silence”

Singapore is undoubtedly filled with mini escapades to our favourite travel destinations—we’re never short of ways to quell our wanderlust even during the pandemic. Joining the Jigger & Pony ranks is their newest member of the family—Live Twice.

bamboo cocktail from live twice

Live Twice will transport you back in time to Japan with its mid-century minimalism and dimmed lighting. Stepping inside makes you feel as though time has slowed down just for you, creating a respite that tells you that you’re tucked safely away from the sounds and speed of city life.

What I tried 

The cocktail menu from Live Twice is split into two—One Life For Yourself, and One Life For Your Dreams—a song lyric taken from ‘You Only Live Twice’ by Nancy Sinatra.

a photo of the mai tai cocktail

We entrusted the Mai Tai (S$25) to start off our evening right— a summery concoction of Ron La Progresiva rum, roasted coconut yaguara cachaça, and nut cordial. It starts off sweet, before the memory of a sea breeze transforms it into something brighter. The addition of Florita Bitter Orange gives the cocktail a sharp, citrusy juxtaposition that blends together in a seamless swirl of colours and flavours, almost encapsulating the experience of an afternoon stroll along the beach in a drink.

a photo of the jewel of fortune cocktail

As you meander along underneath the summertime sun without even needing to leave your seat in Live Twice, the scenery changes to something more autumnal. Take a sip of the Jewel of Fortune 福玉 ($25), an elixir of strawberry Hendricks gin, tomato cordial, and wine. Just like autumn and her vibrant colours, this was a smooth mix of citrusy and piquant flavours.

It’s easy to drink, with the ingredients dancing in tandem with each other like tangerine leaves blowing around in a cool breeze. This drink feels like the bright-eyed rapture you reserve only for admiring the changing leaves of fall, even if our leaves are always green here in Singapore.

a photo of the little blossom cocktail

The cocktail that truly deserved my ‘save the best for last’ award was the Little Blossom 小咲 (S$25). As the name so aptly suggests, this one will transport you from Live Twice and straight to cherry blossom season in Japan. It’s no surprise to anyone that nowhere else can outshine the breathtaking beauty of springtime in Tokyo—and now you get to taste that memory. The Little Blossom marries figs, Nikka vodka, sakura verjus, beetroot molasses, and bergamot to create a vibrant wonder that coats your senses in a delicate display of floral hues.

The cocktail also contains an edible palo santo perfume—if you close your eyes and breathe deeply, it’s almost as though you’re standing right beneath a Sakura tree, with its delicate petals falling around you like a pearl-pink wonderland.

a selection of seafood from live twice


Complete your little faux-cation to Japan with the Live Twice Seafood Selection for Two (S$68)—every bite more rave-worthy than the last. The Hamachi & Kamquat (S$15 for a la carte) is an unlikely pairing, though I love the citrusy note that cut through the fish like a ray of sunshine. It helps to neutralise the slight fishiness of the Hamachi without being too overbearing, and for that, I have no complaints.

a selection of seafood from live twice

The Live Twice Seafood Selection for Two also includes a Stingray Fin & Citrus Kosho (S$15). The recurring appearance of citrusy elements is definitely their speciality, but who’s counting? My main gripe with this combination is that the stingray was overshadowed by an admittedly tantalising kosho—it’s spicy, sharp, and attention-seeking in the best of ways, and perhaps a little too much so.

a selection of seafood from live twice

My ‘save the best for last’ award out of everything on the platter is the Hotate & Shiso (S$18 ala carte). Marinated well and lightly savoury, this is the epitome of the comfort evoked through a quiet afternoon spent watching the rain. Unlike the Hamachi and stingray, this felt more muted, as if it’s meant to be savoured in reverent silence, instead of with oohs and ahhs of joy.

Final thoughts

Live Twice seafood platter for two

I’m quite honestly sold. Even if Live Twice doesn’t really match up the real deal of being overseas, it sure as hell makes sure that you’re satisfied, here in Singapore. It recreates, with utmost meticulousness, a similar rapture of experiencing the seasons of Japan in person, and for that, they deserve a round of applause.

Expected damage: S$25 – S$34 per pax

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Live Twice

20 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089834

Our Rating 4/5

Live Twice

20 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089834

Operating Hours: 4pm - 10.30pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 4pm - 10.30pm (Daily)
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