Viral Magic Tiffin Truck closes down for time being amidst anonymous complaints

“This is why we can’t have nice things” seems to be the common theme of the comments flooding the TikTok account of Magic Tiffin Truck. This Indian food truck went viral a few months ago for serving yummy Indian breakfast food for dinner along the streets of Brickfields.

In a TikTok video posted on 15 August 2023, the owner of the food truck, Vicky, addressed the rumours that had been surrounding in regards to his food truck. Contrary to what certain section of the public have been assuming, their truck was not seized by local city council, DBKL (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur).

Magic Tiffin Food Truck - Truck

Magic Tiffin Truck: Get your Indian breakfast food fix at this little nook in Brickfields

Vicky added that they have temporarily ceased operations at Lorong Scott, Brickfields. In the past 2 months since their business commenced, the amount of complaints they have received has been staggering, he said.

Magic Tiffin Food Truck - Vegetarian nasi lemak

He alleged that several other business owners, competitors as well as residents were the ones who lodged said complaints. On top of this, post the opening of Magic Tiffin Truck, several other stalls popped up in the vicinity which lead to DBKL cancelling the license application they had submitted. The local authorities even warned that if they were adamant in continuing their business, there would be a possibility of their truck being seized.

Magic Tiffin Truck - Masala Thosai

However, he ended his video on a positive note that Magic Tiffin Truck would bounce back stronger at a newer, better location that will be comfortable for both them and their customers. If you’re a fan of Magic Tiffin Truck or have always wanted to try their food, make sure to check out their social media pages for the updates on their new location.

Well, we like the rest of their fans will be awaiting for the Magic Tiffin’s comeback!

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