Fill Your Snack Time With Magnum’s Latest Magnum Ruby Ice Cream Avail Now in SG

Magnum Ruby 1

My fellow dessert lovers, weary of the usual mundane ice cream flavours? Wait no further as Magnum have recently introduced Magnum Ruby, now available in Singapore from 1 April 2020 at all major supermarkets at S$10.90 for a minipack of six and S$3.90 for the regular size!

There is also a limited-time offer at two packs for S$15.90. Made with Ruby Cacao Beans, notably known as the ‘Fourth type in chocolate’, an inspiring entrant in the chocolate scene. The pink-hued chocolate is a rising contender in the field of chocolates and offers a totally new and refreshing taste experience.

A sell-out success and global sensation when Kitkat launched their Red Ruby, Magnum is the first to offer an ice cream flavour featuring this new chocolate variant, another decadent ice cream flavour crafted for a luscious and indulgent treat.

Magnum Ruby 2

Donning a characteristic and distinctive natural light pink shade, smothered in a rich ruby chocolate casing, the ruby chocolate adds another dimension of luxuriant with its bright hue. This new Magnum does deliver the twist to the new ruby chocolate experience, though tasted much like white chocolate but slightly muted in flavour.

The pink casing had a slight tang and tart—zingy if I would have to put it simply. Particularly, it was denser as compared to the usual Magnum flavours, making it quicker to melt than usual.

Magnum Ruby3

I did like it, but it was slightly non-descript for me, as I was not head over heels over the tarty flavour. However, definitely worth a try for pleasure seekers as this ice-cream flavour really does offer a new taste experience and a nice zest on your palate. Who knows, it might tickle you pink!

Dates & Times: Available from 1 April 2020

Prices: From S$3.90 for regular size, S$10.90 for a mini pack of six