Manna Pot Catering: Healthy & Delectable Grain Bowls Delivered to Your Doorstep

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The extension of ‘Circuit Breaker’ period means staying at home for another month until 1 June 2020. Having had more than a month’s worth of hawker food tapau-ed from local favourites as well as luxurious delights from restaurants and hotels, it is perhaps time for something healthier and guilt-free. If you are missing your salad and grain bowls, Manna Pot Catering might be exactly what you need.

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Started in April 2002, Manna Pot Catering is known to many as a halal-certified catering company providing a one-stop solution to events such as weddings and birthday parties. In line with the current situation, the F&B establishment has also extended its services to delivering meal subscription plans featuring their healthy grain bowls specially curated to provide maximum nutrition and taste. 

Finding it a hassle having to always decide on what to eat for your next meal? Let Manna Pot Catering ease your pain with their grain bowl meal Subscription Plans (from S$75) and Family Bundle Packs (from S$45). Their diverse range of grain bowls is rotated on a weekly basis and with two different flavours to choose from daily, you certainly won’t get sick of eating the same thing over and over again!

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If you are feeling a loss in appetite under Singapore’s sweltering weather, Manna Pot Catering’s Mediterranean Couscous Salad (S$15.90) is the ideal summer dish that is bound to stimulate your tastebuds. Featuring a list of nutrient-dense ingredients such as couscous, wilted spinach, kidney beans, cherry tomatoes, almond flakes and raisins, the Mediterranean Couscous Salad was light and refreshing with slight tangy notes. 

The little pearls of couscous had a chewy texture similar to that of barley. Eaten alone, the pearls were mellow in flavour. However, as a whole, its nuttiness was enhanced by the almond flakes and together with bites of sweetness attributed to the plumped up raisins, every mouth taken was somehow made more fragrant and addictive.

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For that added protein in your couscous salad, try Manna Pot Catering’s Torched Smoked Duck Couscous Salad (S$15.90). Similar to the Mediterranean Couscous Salad, this grain bowl was also filled with freshness and health. The smoked duck, however, elevated the entire dish, giving it a touch of finesse. 

Tender and moist, the duck packed a massive punch of flavour that was bold and deep. The layer of skin enhanced its smokiness, leaving a fragrant aftertaste with each bite. In contrast to the rich taste of the duck, was the mango salsa which balanced out the flavour profile of the entire dish with its bright and sourish notes.

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Filled with briny flavours of the sea interlaced with a kick of spice was the Cajun Grilled Shrimp With Whole Grain Rice (S$15.90). Consisting of six medium-sized shrimps, avocado slices, a side of mustard vinaigrette slaw and buttered corn kernels, this was the ideal grain bowl for seafood lovers. 

Succulent and slightly firm with a nice crunchy bite, the grilled cajun shrimps were flavourful and well-seasoned with garlic, pepper and a pinch of paprika. The sliced avocados added a buttery texture which toned down the spiciness of the cajun shrimps. For those who enjoy a touch of earthiness and intensity, try drizzling the cilantro sauce and mix everything together. The cilantro sauce might sound intimidating at first but you will probably fall instantly in love with it after it’s mixed in with the mustard vinaigrette slaw.

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Savour the grain bowl filled with Omega-3 goodness with Manna Pot Catering’s Whole Grain Brown Rice with Citrus Vinaigrette Salmon (S$15.90). Comprising of pan-seared salmon steak, button mushrooms, buttered corn kernels and blanched bok choy, this was the perfect dish that exuded Asian flavours throughout the entire bowl. 

Despite loving its flavours, I found the seared salmon steak and the whole grain rice to be a tad bit too dry. Perhaps due to the time taken for delivery, the citrus vinaigrette seeped to the bottom of the bowl, causing the top to dry out by the time we were ready to eat. If only more vinaigrette was provided on the side for diners to drench on the salmon before consumption, the dish would certainly be made more pleasurable.

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Possibly my favourite out of the five grain bowls was the Teriyaki & Sesame Chicken With Soba Noodles (S$15.90), a dish that is both light on the palate yet satisfying to consume any time of the day. Sitting on the bed of soba noodles tossed with diced cucumbers, carrots and corn kernels were tender slices of chicken, generously coated in salty-sweet teriyaki sauce.

The soba noodles were cooked to al dente, tender but nonetheless still firm to bite. Its faintly nutty fragrance paired faultlessly with the savouriness of the chicken resulting in heavenly mouthfuls of delight. 

With more than 20 different delectable grain bowls to choose from, eating healthy will never be the same again. Before committing on Manna Pot Catering’s meal Subscription Plans, why not give their a la carte grain bowls a try for yourself first? Every order of your grain bowl also comes with a bottle of Yuzu Honey drink that is loaded with Vitamin C to accompany your nutritious bowls of goodness. So, what are you waiting for?

Expected Damage: From S$15.90

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Manna Pot Catering

3015 Bedok North Street 5, Shimei East Kitchen, #06-16/17, Singapore 486350

Our Rating 4/5

Manna Pot Catering

3015 Bedok North Street 5, Shimei East Kitchen, #06-16/17, Singapore 486350

Telephone: +65 6853 1568
Operating Hours: 7am - 7pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6853 1568

Operating Hours: 7am - 7pm (Daily)
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