Marriott Pool Grill: Enjoy 1-For-1 Main Course To Score Points And Impress Bae

HSBC Marriott Pool Grill

If you’re planning to impress your date with a delightful meal, the Pool Grill at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza will be offering a new line of Western cuisine that you can enjoy by the breezy poolside, at a steal.

For HSBC credit cardholders especially, you will be treated to 1-for-1 main course ordered from the a la carte menu. P.S. Your date doesn’t necessarily have to know you guys are dining at a fraction of the cost.

HSBC Marriott Pool Grill

The Pool Grill is a hidden gem, right smack in the centre of Orchard Road, within the bustle of the busiest district in Singapore. While you’re lounging your sunny afternoon away at the Pool Grill, its refurbished resort-inspired deco will transport you into a tranquil overseas-like setting.

HSBC Marriott Pool Grill

A great way to spend the afternoon leisurely with your loved one is with al fresco dining by the pool and sipping on cocktails all day long.

While HSBC is only offering a one-for-one main course, here’s a sneak peek on how you can up your dating ante and score points by completing your meal with these appetisers and dessert for a full meal.

HSBC Marriott Pool Grill

Tuna carpaccio with cauliflower petals, pickled scallion & lemon cream ($26). Artistically plated with cauliflower petals, pickled scallion and lemon cream, the tuna carpaccio is a refreshing start to your meal. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acid, and will decrease cholesterol and blood levels along with being a yummy starter.

HSBC Marriott Pool Grill

Grilled octopus with crusty pork jowl & romesco sauce ($28). The crusty pork jowl is tantalisingly tender, and goes well with the piquant romesco sauce that is slightly tangy. I was expecting to put in more jaw work for the octopus, but was pleased to be presented with skilfully cooked meat of both land and sea in one plate.

HSBC Marriott Pool Grill

French onion soup with gruyere cheese crouton ($16). Warm up your belly and heart with a bowl of classic French onion soup, topped with gruyere cheese crouton. Each spoonful is cheesy and comforting at the same time. If you love hearty, homely soups, then this simple, rustic bowl will be a good kick start for the mains ahead.

Here are some mains you can dig into from the a la carte menu, which are valid for 1-for-1 main course for HSBC credit cardholders.

HSBC Marriott Pool Grill

Homemade ravioli with ricotta, lemon & basil ($30). If you’re in the mood for pasta, the homemade ravioli packed full with Ricotta cheese will settle your starchy craving. The lemon, basil sauce is creamy and has an intense lemony zest to it. If cheese is not your first choice, fret not, Pool Grill offers a range of pastas, seafood and meat, like the ones below, to choose from.

HSBC Marriott Pool Grill

Roasted duck breast with artichoke puree, pickled beetroot & dukkha ($33). Awaken your palate with every bite of this juicy duck breast, which is accompanied with a strong earthy taste of pickled beetroot and artichoke puree, along with a hint of spiciness from the Egyptian Dukkha spice. I’m a fan of duck meat, so this robust dish goes in my good books.

HSBC Marriott Pool Grill

Wagyu beef & duck foie gras burger ($44). For the big man, or girl alike, get ready to dirty your hands with this mouth-watering burger. Nope, the bun isn’t spoilt or anything, the greenish tone comes from the spinach used to making the bread.

The wagyu beef is juicy and cooked to slightly medium rare, while the duck foie gras melts right in your mouth, which was just a delight to sink my teeth into. It is topped with caramelised onion, arugula lettuce, Béarnaise sauce and melted cheese. A truly decadent affair and an excellent if not a tad expensive burger.

HSBC Marriott Pool Grill

Strawberry romanoff ($15). A romantic date by the pool side, isn’t considered sweet without ending the meal with dessert and ice cream. Afterall, Singapore is a tropical country and ice cream is always good idea. The strawberries are infused and marinated in flavoured liquor and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream atop a crisp meringue shell.

Dining at the Pool Grill was a sweet escape from the busy city life; while it is in reality conveniently located in the central area of Singapore, the restaurant offers a secluded sanctuary for you and your loved one to indulge in the food and some alone time.

If you’re afraid of dining al fresco in this sweltering heat, the place is kept cool with fans and the natural breeze, while you idle the day away.

For HSBC credit cardholders, don’t forget to foot the bill with your card to enjoy one complimentary main course with every two ordered on the a la carte main dish. To find out more 1-for-1 and one dines free deals, head over here.

11.00AM to 10.00PM
Sunday to Thursday (All-Day Dining)

11.00AM to 11.00PM
Friday & Saturday and Public Holiday (All-Day Dining)

11.00AM to 5.00PM
Sunday and Public Holiday (Brunch Menu)

11.00AM to 3.00PM
Monday to Saturday (Set Lunch Menu)

6.30PM to 10.00PM
Sunday to Thursday (Set Dinner)

6.30PM to 11.00PM
Friday, Saturday & Public Holiday (Set Dinner)

*Prices are subjected to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Pool Grill: 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865 | Tel: (65) 6831 4608| Website

*This post was brought to you in partnership with HSBC.