McDonald’s Chicken McCrispy gets a sweet & spicy twist with new Sweet Paprika flavour – for limited time only!

Fried chicken lovers are well acquainted with the McDonald’s Singapore staple: the Chicken McCrispy. Crispy, juicy, and tender, what more could you possibly ask for? Well, here’s some delicious news for you. 

McDonald's - 2pc Chicken McCrispy® Sweet Paprika
Credit – McDonald’s® Singapore

McDonald’s Singapore is introducing the new Chicken McCrispy® Sweet Paprika as a new menu item that puts a fresh spin on the classic McDonald’s favourite. Using a blend of paprika, red bell peppers, black pepper, and garlic, this flavourful and juicy chicken will surely give you the spicy kick you’ve been craving for. 

The Chicken McCrispy® Sweet Paprika is priced at S$6.80 for 2 pieces, and you can make it an Extra Value Meal for S$8.85. You can even impress your party guests with the 6 piece sharing bucket.

McDonald's - Crisscut Fries
Credit – McDonald’s® Singapore

That’s not all, adjacent to the release of Chicken McCrispy® Sweet Paprika is the return of everyone’s favourite Crisscut® Fries. Accompany your McCrispy with medium or large sized Crisscut® Fries for S$4.40 and S$4.70 respectively. Another option would be to simply upgrade your regular fries to this seasonal menu item for just S$1.

McDonald's - Calamansi McFizz
Credit – McDonald’s® Singapore

To quench your thirst in the heat, McDonald’s Singapore has also announced the new  Calamansi McFizz®. The Calamansi McFizz® is a citrusy beverage perfect for those who love a little zest in their drinks. Last but not least, don’t miss out on the limited edition Watermelon Twist Cone for a refreshing and creamy dessert to end your meal.

The Chicken McCrispy® Sweet Paprika, Crisscut® Fries, Calamansi McFizz® and Watermelon Twist Cone are available from 30 Mar 2023 onwards, and for a short period of time only. Customers can order these new menu items starting from lunch— 11am on weekdays and 12pm on the weekends. 

As these items are only here for a while, be sure to drop by your nearest McDonald’s outlet before time runs out!

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