The Nasty Cookie Meal is the perfect April Fool’s prank, available from 25 Mar to 2 Apr 2023

Want a April Fool’s joke that is not harmful but still slightly annoying? Nasty Cookie‘s Nasty Cookie Meal, which is available from 25 Mar to 2 Apr 2023, is perfect for such an occasion!

We have all seen pranks taken way too far, resulting in injuries or trauma. Because of such cases, many are now reluctant to participate in this long-running prank war. Now, Nasty Cookie has a way for you to celebrate safely yet still give your close ones a good laugh!

Nasty Cookie — Menu
Credit – Nasty Cookie

First in the Nasty Cookie Meal (S$15) is Nasty Cookie’s Cookie Nugget (S$5.50 for 6)! Yes, you heard right, those are cookies, not chicken nuggets. These realistic nugget replicas are their classic chocolate chip cookies that have been hand-shaped to perfectly resemble the popular fast food item.

However, that does not mean it won’t be tasty. Said to have a light crisp on the outside, the cookie’s gooey chocolate-y centre is bound to attract some fans! The nuggets also come with a homemade salted caramel dip to resemble the classic curry sauce. Quite an elaborate set up, if I do say so myself.

Nasty Cookie — Fries and Milkshake
Credit – Nasty Cookie

There are even fries for those with friends unable to resist the good ol’ potato snack. The Cookie Fries (S$5.50) are actually shortbread cookies, which are said to be extremely addictive. Your friends may not even be too mad about the prank, seeing as to how they might devour it all so quickly.

What could this all be without a drink? You can order both items with the brand’s Signature Milkshake (S$5.50 to S$6.50) to get the Nasty Cookie Meal. Coming in the multitude of flavours such as Original, Oreo, Biscoff, Nutella, they are said to be light and so thirst-quenching that you would go for a second serving. Now, even I am just a tad curious.

Nasty Cookie — Packaging with Milkshake
Credit – Nasty Cookie

The Nasty Cookie Meal is available at all Nasty Cookie outlets and online for all to enjoy. It would be important to note that the milkshakes will not be available to order online or at Nasty Cookie’s Kaki Bukit outlet.

April Fool’s is a great celebration of laughter for many of us. Now, with Nasty Cookie’s cheeky meal, you can prank safely and with minimal preparation. Make sure to take some videos!

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