[CLOSED] Mama’s Curry: Fiery bowls of mutton, chicken & vegetable curry at Golden Mile Food Centre from $4.50

I absolutely adore curry with just about anything… rice, French loaf, roti prata— the list goes on. So I made my way down to Golden Mile Food Centre aka Beach Road Army Market, in search of a stall called Mama’s Curry.

mama's curry - golden mile hawker centre

It specialises in a variety of homemade curries and since it was raining that day, it was the ideal occasion to enjoy it without breaking a sweat!

mama's curry - stall owner

Helmed by 28-year-old Mr Lin, Mama’s Curry opened for business on 7 Sep 2022. I found out that he learnt the cooking process of making curry from his mum, who happens to be the franchisee of the Bedok North branch of Nana Curry (2016 – 2020 Michelin Bib Gourmand awardee).

mama's curry - curry on stove

All the curries are freshly homemade on the daily by Mr Lin, who uses the same curry paste as that of Nana Curry. However, he has tweaked the recipe to accommodate the taste buds of his customers.

What I tried at Mama’s Curry

mama's curry - chicken curry

The Curry Chicken (S$5.50) came with the chicken wing and thigh, and also chunks of potato cubes doused in a fiery red gravy. Alternatively, you can order the big portion (S$7.50) which gives you a drumstick and thigh instead.

mama's curry - chicken curry gravy

The very first thing I did was to take a sip of the Curry Chicken gravy, which wasn’t a wise move. The fiery spiciness took its time to build up in my mouth.

Before I knew it, I was coughing and beads of sweat had begun trickling down my forehead. I wish that there had been a cup of ice-cold water on my table— this is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

mama's curry - chicken meat closeup

mama's curry - chicken meat torn apart

The chicken was succulent and didn’t require much effort to break apart with my utensils. After braving a couple more spoonfuls, I had gotten accustomed to the spice level. I started to appreciate all the full-bodied spices and dimensions of the curry.

mama's curry - mutton curry

Honestly, I was a little worried about my next dish, the Curry Mutton (S$6.50). I’ve had my fair share of lamb at other establishments, and they all possessed gamey smells and tastes. The Curry Mutton was a no-frills dish consisting of mutton cubes and pieces of potato.

mama's curry - mutton cube upclose

Thankfully, the pieces of lamb had no unpleasant attributes. In fact, they were very tender and the lovely layers of fat enhanced the whole experience. I loved it!

mama's curry - potato cube

The potato chunks felt like mini mashed potato dumplings, which disintegrated without delay in my mouth. The curry was aromatic and slightly less spicy than the Curry Chicken I had earlier on.

mama's curry - bread closeup


mama's curry - bread dunking

I ordered an extra side of Bread (S$1), which came with 3 thick pieces of French loaf. The Bread managed to absorb all the aromatic spices of the curry like a sponge, and I loved how soft it was.

Perhaps my only complaint about the Curry Mutton was that it was a little over-seasoned. It needed to be paired with the Bread to mellow down its saltiness.

mama's curry - vegetable curry

The last dish we tried was the Curry Vegetables (S$4.50). It had pieces of tau pok, long beans, cabbage and vermicelli.


mama's curry - rice closeup

Although the curry gravy was the mildest of the 3 in terms of spice level, it was still very tasty. I slathered the gravy over my Plain Rice (S$0.50) which made it extra hearty and luxurious.

mama's curry - curry vegetables

The cabbage was nice and soft while the long beans were still slightly crunchy.

mama's curry - tau pok

The pieces of tau pok kept secret stashes of curry, which burst in all directions in my mouth when my teeth bit into them.

mama's curry - vermicelli closeup

The strands of vermicelli were silky-smooth and addictively chewy. Overall, it reminded me of a spicier rendition of a sayur lodeh without the lemak-ness.

Final thoughts 

mama's curry - overview

The bowls of curries at Mama’s Curry are definitely on the spicier side, especially the chicken curry.

When you’re tired of having rice or noodles, why not have a bowl of heartwarming curry together with bread instead? Do remember to have tissues and cold drinks on standby if your tolerance of spice is low.

I’m excited for a revisit to try their fish head curry next— can’t wait!

Expected damage: S$5 – S$21 per pax

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun: Restaurant standard chee cheong fun open for 6 hours at Golden Mile Food Centre

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Mama's Curry

505 Beach Road, #01-82, Singapore 199583

Our Rating 4/5

Mama's Curry

505 Beach Road, #01-82, Singapore 199583

Telephone: +65 8742 5596
Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8742 5596

Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm (Daily)
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