Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun: Restaurant standard chee cheong fun open for 6 hours at Golden Mile Food Centre

Golden Mile Food Centre has been a hub that hosts many of the best quality fares with its wide selection of food. Known to be one of my favourite hawkers, I was happy to find Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun located on the first level of the hawker centre.

It is fairly new to the Hong Kong-style chee cheong fun scene, considering their opening in late Oct 2022. Many newly opened hawkers have been focusing on more modern takes on their fares and menus, and it seems like Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun have bravely opened up a new store to add to the artisanal chee cheong fun scene.

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun 1

Its bright blue signage hovering above the store is particularly hard to miss. Because of its vibrant colour, it easily stands out from the neighbouring stalls. It is no doubt that they are latecomers to the chee cheong fun scene, so that’s possibly why hawkers around Singapore have been trying to one up another by including interesting elements.

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun has done so with their unique additions to the traditional take on Hong Kong-style chee cheong fun.

Their menu only has 4 options for you to choose from: Chai Poh Cheong Fun, Hong Kong Style Cheong Fun, Char Siew Cheong Fun, and Prawn Cheong Fun.

What intrigued me was their inclusion of Hong Kong Style Cheong Fun— peanut butter and sweet sauce as its condiment. It is not common for chee cheong fun stalls to include this particular option as it might not be the most welcomed in the Singaporean palate. However, I realised that it was quite welcomed in the Malaysian community.

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun 2

The operations of the store is handled by 2 staff: a male chef at the back working alone on the creation of the delicate rice rolls, while the female attendant at the front manning the store in attaining the orders as a front-of-house.

What I had at Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun

I ordered the two things that stood out to me, the Hong Kong-style Cheong Fun (S$3) and the Char Siew Cheong Fun (S$3.50). Let me get into why! Their char siew version includes coriander alongside the meat, something that I haven’t seen before. While the peanut butter version might be rising as a new inclusion in some chee cheong fun stalls, it still isn’t commonly found.

One thing to mention is Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun is very budget friendly with their line-up. All their options are priced from S$3 to S$4.

 Hong Kong Cheong Fun 4

 Hong Kong Cheong Fun 5

This was my first time having chee cheong fun with peanut butter sauce, so I was excited to try this out. One look and you know that this is not your typical chee cheong fun that you get in most hawker centres. The rice rolls are cylindrical in shape, and cut shorter into more manageable rolls, which honestly look rather similar to the Korean delicacy, tteokbokki.

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun 6

The spiral rice rolls differ from the typical milled-ones that you have at most stores. This retains in shape much better as compared to your typical chee cheong fun dish, so you can assume that it is less slippery.

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun 7

I counted that they have about 10 cylindrical rice rolls. Doused with peanut butter and sweet sauce, I plopped one into my mouth. The peanut butter wasn’t too heavy and neither was it too sweet. This is definitely one for the peanut butter lovers— and that’s me!

I enjoyed this dish very much because of how their silky smooth vermicelli complemented their in-house peanut butter incredibly well. For those who are afraid of it tasting too sweet, the saltiness and nuttiness from the peanut butter balances out the sweetness from the sweet sauce.

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun 8

Even when I tried it with their chilli sauce, it wasn’t an unusual pairing that you would typically assume so. Yes, it might be strange upon ordering, but it actually blends really nicely because of how silky both aspects are.

The chilli is also rather similar to how lao gan ma tastes like, so it adds a bit of texture to the smoothness.

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun 9

Char Siew Cheong Fun is usually my go-to order, so you know I’ll be critical with this. Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun plates their dishes in a more interesting manner, so that tells you that they prioritise visuals. Separated into 2 columns, their rice rolls are divided by a cute stalk of kailan. Most stalls usually lay out the rice rolls on a pool of sauce, so this was more aesthetically pleasing.

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun 10

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun had a very generous portion of char siew, which makes every bite substantial as it includes small pieces inside. I find myself facing the problem of never having enough filling whenever I enjoy chee cheong fun, but this was great.

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun 11

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun’s soy sauce also wasn’t too sweet or thick like other stalls, retaining a smooth and palatable consistency for us to savour.

The main focus of why I ordered this was for the coriander. And to my pleasant surprise, the coriander elevated the char siew rendition to the next level. It injects bites of floral aromas into your chee cheong fun, making it taste fresh but not to an overpowering extent.

Final thoughts

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun 12

These delightful plates of Chinese snacks were truly made with high skillsets. From that, we can see that Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun is truly akin to famous Chinese restaurants, and some might even argue that they are of better standard. I would very much agree in that debate— their rice rolls were really extraordinary.

Good news for me, another great addition to Golden Mile Food Centre!

Expected damage: S$3 – S$4 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun

505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre, #01-79, Singapore 199583

Our Rating 5/5

Xin Kee Hong Kong Cheong Fun

505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre, #01-79, Singapore 199583

Operating Hours: 8am - 2pm (Sat to Thu), Closed on Fri

Operating Hours: 8am - 2pm (Sat to Thu), Closed on Fri