McDonald’s Japan Releases New Tonkatsu Burgers For Spring From 4 March To Early April

Not long ago, McDonald’s Japan announced the release of their three newest rice burgers, but they’ve one-upped themselves with their latest invention yet—tonkatsu burgers.

Mcdonald's Japan Tonkatsu Online 1
Credit – McDonald’s Japan
Mcdonald's Japan Tonkatsu Online 2
Credit – McDonald’s Japan

For the past few years, McDonald’s Japan has brought back the Teritama (¥360), a combination of teriyaki and tamago (Japanese egg), just in time to celebrate the spring season. This burger is a spring classic, featuring a pork patty seasoned with ginger, apple and garlic, garnished with teriyaki sauce and paired with egg and vegetables, sandwiched between two sesame seed buns.

Mcdonald's Japan Tonkatsu Online 4
Credit – McDonald’s Japan

It also comes with a slice of melted cheese in the Teritama Cheese (¥390) variation, and as the Teritama Muffin (¥350), the breakfast option.

Mcdonald's Japan Tonkatsu Online
Credit – McDonald’s Japan

The star of the show this spring is the new Teritama Tonkatsu (¥450) burger, replacing the pork patty with tonkatsu, a deep-fried pork cutlet drenched in teriyaki sauce. Coupled with egg and vegetables between two buns, and a sweet lemon sauce to offset the strong umami flavour, this burger is definitely not one to miss.

Mcdonald's Japan Tonkatsu Online 5
Credit – McDonald’s Japan

Apart from their newest burger, McDonald’s Japan has also unveiled two drinks and a new flavour of fries. The McFizz Hokkaido Red Meat Melon (¥250) and the Mac Float Hokkaido Red Meat Melon (¥310) are carbonated drinks made with 1% Hokkaido red meat melon juice, and the latter is topped with rich vanilla ice cream.

Mcdonald's Japan Tonkatsu Burger Online (1)
Credit – McDonald’s Japan

The Shaka Shaka Potato Chicken Wings (¥30 when added to value set) are actually french fries (despite its misleading name), flavoured with fragrant soy sauce, black pepper, chicken extract and garlic to enhance the taste of the potatoes.

All the items in this new spring release will be available in all McDonald’s Japan stores nationwide (excluding some) from 4 March to early April 2020.

Get your hands on this tonkatsu-in-a-burger from McDonald’s Japan if you happen to be there!

Dates & Times: Available at all McDonald’s Japan stores from 4 March to early April 2020

Prices: Teritama (¥360), Teritama Cheese (¥390), Teritama Muffin (¥350), Teritama Tonkatsu (¥450), McFizz Hokkaido Red Meat Melon (¥250), Mac Float Hokkaido Red Meat Melon (¥310), Shaka Shaka Potato Chicken Wings (¥30 when added to value set)

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