Get your hands on McDonald’s Jenga blocks — available as bundle via McDelivery

Well, now you can have your food and play with it too. Our favourite fast-food brand McDonald’s has just launched new Jenga blocks that look like their popular McDonald’s Big Mac and French Fries. It’s certainly a huge step up from their regular Happy Meal toys, isn’t it?

mcdonalds jenga blocks
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

The Big Mac Jenga blocks will be available from 16 November 2021, whereas the French Fries Jenga blocks will be available from 23 November 2021. You can get your hands on them via McDelivery, so long as you purchase a Jenga Set Bundle (S$9+). This way, you get to have fun with your family after polishing off a hearty meal of your favourite fries and burgers combination.

mcdonalds jenga sets
Credit — McDonalds Singapore

The five Jenga Set Bundles include 2-piece Chicken McCrispy Extra Value Meal ($9+), 6-piece Chicken McCrispy Value Bundle ($29.10+), Family Meal with Cheeseburger ($22.70+), Family Meal with Chicken McNuggets ($22.70+), and Family Breakfast Bundle ($20+). If your family prefers stay-home bonding time instead of dining out, then this will be perfect for killing two birds with one Jenga block.

a photo of desserts
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Max out your cheat day with their Hershey’s Desserts while you’re at it.  Take your pick from Hershey’s Mcflurry (S$3+), with sweet chocolate ice cream mixed with crushed Oreo cookies. There’s always the Hot Fudge Sundae (S$2.40) if you’re a firm believer in ‘more is more’ when it comes to chocolate.

For those who want to give something new a shot, there’s also their newly released Mango Pie (S$1.40), promising a warm, summery treat to perk you up in the midst of all the gloomy weather we’ve been having.  You might need something sweet as a consolation prize after getting defeated at Jenga five times in a row, and what better way than a crispy pastry filled with mango nata de coco?

Have fun, and try not to get too rowdy!

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