Chomp Down On McDonald’s McMuffin Stack Now Available Across Singapore

Looking for a hearty breakfast? Look no more because the McMuffin Stack is back on the menu to satisfy your hunger. After introducing the Cinnamon Sugar Donut Sticks not too long ago, McDonald’s Singapore is stepping up their breakfast game once more with the McMuffin Stack

Mcmuffin Stack Mcdonalds Singapore Mar 2020 Online 2

No stranger to the breakfast menu at McDonald’s Singapore, the McMuffin Stack is making an epic comeback as we bid farewell (for now) to our beloved Sausage McGriddles.

Available all day, the McMuffin Stack is no longer limited to the breakfast menu—that means thrice the savoury goodness if you’re up for the challenge (McMuffin Stack for every meal, anyone?).

Mcmuffin Stack Mcdonalds Singapore Mar 2020 Online 3

With two juicy chicken sausage patties, melted cheddar cheese, a strip of crispy chicken bacon and a fried egg stacked between two crisp English muffins, you’re more than guaranteed to have your fill. 

It costs S$5.60 if you get it a la carte, S$7.25 for either an Extra Value meal with a Corn Cup or an Extra Value meal with Medium Fries, and S$7.95 for an upsized meal with Large Fries

The McMuffin Stack Feast (S$9.20) comes with a McMuffin Stack, Medium French Fries, a drink and the famous Chocolate Pie

Mcmuffin Stack Mcdonalds Singapore Mar 2020 Online

Be sure to check out the Donut Sticks Set, but take note it’s only available during breakfast hours. Thankfully, the Chocolate Pie is still on the menu so grab yours before it suffers the same fate as the Sausage McGriddles. The Chocolate Pie is only available after breakfast hours, so hurry down to any McDonald’s outlet in Singapore to enjoy a cheeky dessert after your meal. 

I’m sure everyone is pretty bummed out about McGriddles leaving the menu, but I’m glad that there’s a worthy replacement. Head down to get your breakfast fix today! 

Dates & Times: Now Available at McDonald’s outlets

Prices: S$5.60 – S$9.20 per item/set