McDonald’s is not done: Ovaltine McFlurry and Banana Pie now available

McDonald’s is the gift that keeps on giving. Today, on 2 June 2022, McDonald’s released even more new items in addition to those announced yesterday. Singaporeans now have Ovaltine McFlurry and Banana Pie!

A pop-up standee of Ovaltine McFlurry

One of our writers managed to go down in person to try out the new items. These menu items were released through pop-up standees placed around the shop to signal that they are now for sale.

A Picture of the banana pie

The Banana Pie (S$1.60) has been seen on Singapore’s shores before in 2020, during McDonald’s Minion-themed menu that brought us the Smoky Nacho Cheese sauce too.

The banana within is mashed and sweet to taste. The crust is warm and crispy— it’s a good pie that we remember fondly.

A picture of the Ovaltine McFlurry

However, McDonald’s Ovaltine McFlurry (S$3) is truly a new addition. From Dinosaur McFlurry to Oreo McFlurry, we now have a new addition to the chocolate-y line. This has been released overseas in Hong Kong and Brazil before, so now it is our turn to have this decadent dessert.

This is a welcomed twist on a popular malty drink. The McFlurry is light, with crunchy pieces of Ovaltine scattered through the ice cream. Initially, we couldn’t find much Ovaltine in the McFlurry, but giving it a good scoop solved the problem as the Ovaltine had gathered at the bottom of the cup.

As usual, we do not know when they will be leaving us, so hurry down and give these items a taste before it’s too late.

With the return of two minion items— the Banana Pie and the Smoky Nacho Cheese sauce— is this a hint to the new Minion Land opening up at Universal Studios Singapore soon?

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