McDonald’s unveiled their revamped global packaging and we are definitely lovin’ it

If you were left in awe by the beauty of the McDonald’s outlet in Canberra, let me just tell you that the best has yet to come. After five years of intense planning, McDonald’s has finally unveiled its newly revamped global packaging design to all Mickey D’s lovers all around the world.

Picture of McDonald's new packaging
Credit – Pearlfisher

In collaboration with creative marketing agency, Pearlfisher, McDonald’s muti-year effort is designed to evoke a sense of joy and simplicity with its playful, minimalist outlook. With the use of bold colours and simple illustrations, the new packaging strays away from its current prominent on package messaging to visually represent the brand as a internationally identifiable brand. 

This time around, Pearlfisher based their graphic representations on McDonald’s iconic menu items. From wrappers and clam-shell boxes to their disposable cups, each design ensures a cohesive visual identity for the world’s largest food chain to be easily recognised in the different markets it operates in.

Picture of McDonald's new packaging
Credit – Pearlfisher

“From the cool blue waves on the Filet-O-Fish clamshell to the golden, melting cheese on the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the packaging makes for an expressive, visual system. Each wrapper, clamshell and pack is identifiable, joyful and simple,” Pealfisher mentioned on their website. 

With the use of cheerful colours and basic vector images, McDonald’s new brand identity indeed fostered a joyful, feel-good experience through their packaging. It is definitely easy to understand how the use of such lively images are able to evoke joyous moments similar to that of how a kid would feel having a meal at the fast-food outlet.

Picture of mcdonald's new Mcflurry cup
Credit – Pearlfisher

“We are excited to be rolling out bright, beautiful and modern new designs for all McDonald’s packaging globally. This move will help us unify our branding and create a more consistent customer experience in over 39,000 restaurants in 100 countries around the world,” said Barbara Yehling, Senior Director of Global Menu Strategy McDonald’s Corporation.

Are you looking forward to this revamp to be rolled out in Singapore? I know I sure am! For more news and information on McDonald’s latest offerings, refer to the articles here

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