McDonald’s SG launched a new Sea Salt McFlurry and it blue my mind

Yes, it’s blue in colour; our beloved fast-food chain, McDonald’s Singapore, recently welcomed a new addition to its dessert kiosks—a bright blue Sea Salt McFlurry that’s got sea salt, sprinkles, and swirls.

a photo of sea salt mcflurry
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

There have been mixed reviews on this vibrant sapphire dessert; some are absolutely lovin’ the sweet-and-salty combination, whereas others are choosing to stay loyal to the other dessert menu mainstays. I personally enjoy my sweet and savoury food separate, but I think the Sea Salt McFlurry (S$3) one is definitely worth a try just for aesthetic purposes, even if you’re not so much of a dessert fiend.

a photo of angus beef burger
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

If you need a meal before your dessert, McDonald’s also launched their latest Angus Mushroom Supreme (Price TBC), where a 100% Angus beef patty is topped with a bed of grilled mushrooms and doused in a generous serving of herb aioli sauce. If you’re feeling particularly ravenous, there are also potato wedges to add to your meal. I’d recommend that you polish it off with a serving of Sea Salt McFlurry—or at least, that’s exactly what I plan to do.

While you’re at it, might as well go all out on the cheat day at McDonald’s right? If you’re in the mood for something that’s 100% sweet, the Mango Pie (S$1.40) will do just fine, where a smooth combination of mango with nata de coco bits will send you to dessert heaven and back.

This one’s for every chocoholic out there; if one ice cream just isn’t enough, get both a Sea Salt McFlurry and a HERSHEY’S® dessert. You’ve got a multitude of options to pick from—a crunchy Hershey’s McFlurry® (S$3), the decadent Mudpie McFlurry, and Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry (S$3.30). There’s also Hot Fudge and Strawberry Sundae (from S$2.40), and Hershey’s Cone (S$1.40)Twist Cone (S$1.40) and ChocoCone (S$1.60) that’ll be sure to have you leaving McDonald’s with a happy, satisfied smile.

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