MEATliquor’s EATs, BEATs & TREATs is The Ultimate ‘Anti-Brunch’ You Need To Know About

F**k basic brunch.

Meat Liquor - exterior

By now you have probably heard of MEATliquor – the big burger, tasty wing, hip establishment over on the corner of Duxton Road (check out our review here). It has gotten a lot of press since opening its door and for good reason.

MEATliquor turns out yummy, greasy, comfort food and stiff drinks, as well as a steady crowd of beautiful people on Friday and Saturday nights. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about their new EATs, BEATs & TREATs promotion – or as they like to call it, the ‘anti-brunch.’ A four hour event, three hour free-flow food AND drink deal for $90/pax.

Meat Liquor - interior

Meat Liquor - interior

Personally, I love all things brunch. I love getting fixed up and gathering with friends. I love the rebellious feeling of sipping on a drink (or multiple drinks) early in the day. I love the atmosphere. Everyone is always happy and in a great mood at brunch (unless you’re still feeling it from the night before, but that usually doesn’t last long). And most of all, I love the food. Indulging in a huge, satisfying meal, often your only of the day.

Although considered an anti-brunch, MEATliquor’s EATs, BEATs & TREATs event has all the good stuff I mentioned above – and more.

Meat Liquor - burgers

First things first – the EATs.

You and your mates better come hungry, because with a free-flow menu of their famous burgers and sides, you want to be able to get your moneys worth. The EATs menu includes four burger options: the HBD Chicken Tower Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger, Parma Chicken and the Dead Hippie Burger, all served mouth-watering warm on their signature sharing platters.

Meat Liquor - burgers

From the sides menu, you can select as many as you would like from the following options: Deep Fried Pickles, Mac N Cheese (which is of the fried variety, yum!), Sambal Fries (loaded chili fries), Buffalo Wings, Gunpowder Shrimp, Greek Salad, Slaw, or standard Fries.

While the burgers are full size, the number of sides that come out are proportional to the number of people at your table. But fear not, if someone ate your portion of mac and cheese, you can order as much as your heart desires.

Meat Liquor - beer

Meat Liquor - cocktail

Onto what everyone is really here for – the booze. At $90/pax this is one of the best free flow brunch deals I have encountered while hitting the Singapore free-flow bunch scene. You can indulge in an assortment of liquor cocktails and slushies, beer and Prosecco all afternoon long.

Meat Liquor - champagne

If you’re looking to kick things into high gear, you can top up $30 for free-flow Palmer Brut Reserve NV Champagne or a variety of shots. If you’re really looking to go full-throttle, you can get a bottle of hard liquor and a mixer for $100. Clearly this isn’t a brunch where anyone is judging.

Meat Liquor

Meat Liquor - Oliver Osborne

The BEATs.

All afternoon, Oliver Osborne, a born Londoner and familiar face at the well-known clubs around Singapore, will be blasting the hits. His deafening house, techno and remixed hip-hop tracks are there to set the tone for the day – and that tone is PARTY.

There is also a request board next to the DJ area, but beware, your fellow patrons will vote if your song is good, or if you have ‘s@*t taste.’

Meat Liquor - neh neh ice cream


Even though you will likely be in a greasy burger coma and buzzing from your umpteenth drink, I suggest getting a Neh Neh Ice Cream Pop for good measure – it’s on the free-flow menu and it’s not brunch without dessert, right?

These tasty, gourmet treats have been popping up at cafes and restaurants all around Singapore and I wouldn’t pass it up next time you see one. After my first bite I thought about ordering all five flavors and sticking them in my purse to take home, but decided that probably wouldn’t be cool.

meat liquor - tote

Finally, once you pour yourself out the door at last call you will be gifted a goodie bag of various treats.

Your parting gift includes a MEATliquor branded canvas tote filled with visors (because it’ll still be sunny when you leave! The best/worst part about brunch), MEATliquor stickers, transfers and Free S#!T Cards – which include a free burger and beer redeemable at your next visit. Who doesn’t love free SWAG?

Meat Liquor - interior

Overall, I was impressed with the set up at MEATliquor’s EATs, BEATs & TREATs Saturday anti-brunch. The food is great, as always, the service was pretty quick considering the hectic and demanding crowd and the alcoholic drink selection is a steal of a deal, in my opinion.

If you haven’t gotten the hint by now, this isn’t a low-key casual bunch outing with the family, this is an all-out party food fest – so come prepared.

EATs, BEATs & TREATs coming up next: Saturday 14 November & Saturday 12 December 2015, 1:00pm – 5:00pm (free-flow runs 1-4pm). 

Pre-booking is required. Call or email for reservations: +65 6221 5343 | [email protected]

Promotion Cost: $90++ / per pax (additional $30+ for unlimited Champagne or shots)

MEATliquor: 99 Duxton Road, Singapore 089543 | Tel: 6221 5343 | Website