MEIDI-YA, Millenia Walk: 10 head-spinning highlights at the 2-storey flagship store

Yes, yes, I’ll admit it: supermarkets give me more serotonin than they should. Since the Japanese supermarket brand, MEIDI-YA, just opened their flagship store at Millenia Walk yesterday, I had to go and have a look-see.

Apart from the premium supermarket, though, this 2-storey outlet also has a bakery, food hall, wine & liquor store and a Japanese Concept Cafe & Bar. These are the 10 highlights that gave me the highest serotonin rush as I traipsed across MEIDI-YA’s spanking new floors.

Meidi Ya 18

1. Tofu Factory

Ohkur, we’re on to a great start here. This Tofu Factory, which more accurately resembles a tofu fountain, still has me quaking.

Meidi Ya 4

It’s much ado about tofu, and I’m all here for it. Look at those blocks of beancurd gloriously sitting in a fountain.

Meidi Ya 5

There’s a selection of Momen Tofu (S$2.30), Silken Tofu (S$2.20) and Yaki Tofu (S$2.40) here. Also, from now till 6 December 2020, they’re offering a 10% off on these prices.

2. Melon Shizuoka – Aroma 

It’s not MEIDI-YA without the premium Melon Shizuoka – Aroma (S$118), imported from Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. These melons are said to be juicy and smooth with a mellow taste.

Meidi Ya 8

Yes, it’s a steep price to pay for fruit, but indulgence is indulgence, and we all have our vices. 

Just please don’t be this lady when checking out the goods.

3. Fukuoka Jiman Natto

Natto is a traditional Japanese food made of fermented soybeans. It’s a popular breakfast food when paired with rice, karashi mustard, and soy sauce.


Up your health game by trying this Fukuoka Jiman Natto (S$3) for a probiotic-rich meal. 

4. Hyogo Tajima Koshihikari Stork Natural Rice

There’s a wide selection of rice to choose from at MEIDI-YA, one of which is the Tajima Koshihikari Stork Natural Rice (S$33.90)


This rice is harvested from Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture. Also known as The City Where The Storks fly, rice planting efforts in Toyooka strive to promote ecological harmony between people and storks.


While you’re at it, try polishing brown rice with this Super Mill to obtain white rice. 

5. Fresh bakery buns  

You don’t come to MEIDI-YA without even looking at Gokoku Japanese Bakery.


With batches of freshly baked buns emerging from the back in a constant tide, don’t be put off by the queue. Everyone wants a piece of this. 

Some of their best sellers include the Gokoku Shichifuku Pan (S$2.10) and the Malt Kurumi Pan (S$2.10).

6. Honey Fruit Jam

While you’re at the bakery, get yourself a jar of Honey Fruit Jam (S$12). Imported directly from Japan, this range of jams comes in several flavours like raspberry and yuzu.


The jams go well with toast and crackers, though you could also have it on its own. 

7. Hori Corn Chocolate 

I did a double-take when I saw this Hori Corn Chocolate snack (S$7.40)


It’s always been so hard to get hold of these snacks, since they’re only available in Hokkaido, as far as I know. Now that you can find them at MEIDI-YA, there’s really no need to badger me for a whole week’s supply when I go on holiday, Sarah.

8. J-SWEETS Rare Cheese Cake

My next double-take happened when I saw this Rare Cheese Cake (S$20).


Displayed in a chiller amidst pre-packed roll cakes and tiramisu, this meaty-looking cheesecake stood out the most.

As part of their opening promotions, you can get this cake at S$18 from now till 13 December 2020. 

9. KAMADA Soy Sauce Ice Cream

You’d think nothing could faze me after two surprises. You thought wrong. This Kamada Soy Sauce Ice Cream (S$5.80) intrigues and scares me. 


I get it, though. Savoury, caramelly flavours on a vanilla base do make sense. In the spirit of trying new things, I would hop on this in a hot second.

10. Ichinokura Himezen Junmai (Sweet Sake)


This cute little bottle of Ichinokura Himezen Junmai (Sweet Sake) retails at S$15.50. You can find it, and a slew of other sakes, at the wine & liquor store.


If you’re drinking, get fancy with these glasses, available at S$35.50 each. 

I had to impose a strong ‘no buying’ rule on myself today, because the rush of initial excitement can’t be good for rational decisions. 

The new MEIDI-YA flagship store is worth dedicating a good three hours to explore fully. While you’re here, don’t forget to stop for a drink at the alfresco Japanese Concept Cafe & Bar on Level 1. 

As part of their Grand Opening, look forward to special gifts with your purchases. These include the Limited Edition MEIDI-YA Thermal Shopping Bag available with a minimum spend of S$200 at MEIDI-YA, while stocks last.

Price: $ $


9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, #02-26 to 36, Singapore 039596



9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, #02-26 to 36, Singapore 039596

Telephone: +65 6339 1111
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily) (Food Court); 10am - 10pm (Daily) (Supermarket)
Telephone: +65 6339 1111

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily) (Food Court); 10am - 10pm (Daily) (Supermarket)