Milk — Sip on Ice Kachang Tea at Singapore’s first Muslim-owned bubble tea stall

With two Islamic schools in its vicinity and countless Arabic textile shops, it’s no surprise that Arab Street is home to an array of Muslim-owned shops and eateries. Adding on to the likes of Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro and All Things Delicious is Milk—the new kid on the block serving cups of not-your-average bubble tea. 

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As Singapore’s first Muslim-owned bubble tea shop, Milk was established to allow Muslims in Singapore the option to consume this well-loved beverage with comfort.

“Pearls offered in mainstream bubble tea shops are often not Halal. As an Islamic studies student, I’m often deprived of bubble tea due to that. That’s how Milk was born. It’s like a safe haven for our community to enjoy themselves a cup of beverage everyone deserves,” the team mentioned. 

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The beverage menu at Milk is simple—three series with a total of nine drinks. Divided into the Classic, Premium and Fruit Series, Milk’s bubble tea caters to the young and old with their range of unique and specially curated flavours.

“There might only be nine drinks, but this guarantees that each cup we serve is of quality and value,” the team added. 

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A cup of Matcha Mascarpone (S$6.80) from the Classic Series kicked off my afternoon at Milk. One sip of this beverage and I was immediately sent to matcha heaven. Dear Hvala, looks like you’ve got yourself some competition right here, because Milk’s Matcha Mascarpone is surely a force to be reckoned with. 

Not only was it filled with the strong intensity and fragrance of good matcha powder, it also had a tinge of subtle bitterness which I truly enjoyed. Enhancing its richness was the light and airy mascarpone foam crowning the top. 

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The Grape Cream Cheese (S$6) from the Fruit Series was an artwork on its own. Prepared using green tea base, fresh grapes and cream cheese, this cup showcased a white creamy waterfall infusing into a pool of beautifully fruity grape concoction. Here, the natural sweetness of the grapes was balanced by the savouriness from the cream cheese.

The Grape Cream Cheese might look like a heavy treat, but on the contrary, it’s a fresh and delightful beverage that sits well even after a heavy meal. 

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Now, onto my favourite—the Premium Series, with three distinctive Singapore-inspired bubble teas made with freshly brewed tea leaves attained from a local tea supplier. For a dessert in a cup, opt for the Ice Kachang Tea (S$6.80), an aromatic cup of lavendar based tea studded with the textures of grass jelly and sweetened red beans.

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Otherwise, battle the intense weather with Milk’s Berry Cranberry Tea (S$6.80), the cup that won my heart in an instant under the scorching heat. Unlike other fruit teas I’ve tried, this cup was brimming with freshness. There was no sign of artificial sweetness, only the flavours of cranberry, fresh strawberries and the pleasantness of refreshing menthol from mint leaves. 

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Bubble teas aside, Milk also serves four different flavours of Stroopwafel (S$4) for those who are looking for a bite to go alongside your beverage. A Dutch favourite often found on the streets of Amsterdam, Milk’s Stroopwafel is as good as it gets with its buttery fragrance and slightly crispy texture. Whilst Matcha Oreo was my top pick, the White Chocolate Biscoff and Smores are fan favourites winning approval with their amazing textures and flavours. 

Intrigued already? Then head down to Milk on Arab Street for your bubble tea fix right now. Good news is that Milk is already in the midst of creating new flavours to delight fans old and new. So, do expect to see some new beverages on their menu really soon!

Date & Time: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Thu), 11am – 12am (Fri to Sun) 

Prices: From S$6

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


27 Arab Street, Singapore 199726

Our Rating 4/5


27 Arab Street, Singapore 199726

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Mon to Thu), 11am - 12am (Fri to Sun) 

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Mon to Thu), 11am - 12am (Fri to Sun) 
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