First dibs: Milksha’s Strawberry Coulis Series returns with a new addition, Strawberry Coulis Yakult

We’ve known plenty of one-hit wonders in food, but Milksha’s Strawberry Coulis Series is not one of them. As a berry fanatic, I do wish for this gorgeous pink drink to be a menu mainstay, but I’ll accept that absence makes the heart fonder. So trust me, when we got wind of their comeback on 22 June 2021 for their second anniversary, we quickly got our hands on these bestselling seasonal offerings.

Milksha's Strawberry Coulis series

We’re well-acquainted with their dreamy favourites: Strawberry Coulis Milk (S$5.60) and Strawberry Coulis Green Tea (S$4.80). And here’s a new addition that’ll grace our tastebuds—the Strawberry Coulis Yakult (S$5.60). Dare I say; this is the holy trinity on Milksha’s menu.

Strawberry Coulis Yakult

Delving right into the drinks, I had to try their latest addition first. It’s safe to say, that this drink of Strawberry Coulis Yakult does not offend Yakult lovers, neither does it steal the spotlight on the strawberry coulis. In fact, the pleasant tartness of Yakult cuts through the sweetness of the coulis, complementing each other well—truly a hit for Yakult fans.

Also, the thicker coulis adds texture to make every sip a more substantial one, so it’s not slurped up all too soon—something pretty inevitable, given Singapore’s constant sweltering heat. Bonus points for this drink because it’s a chock full of probiotics which does our immunity a favour.

Strawberry Coulis Milk

We may be familiar with the remaining ones, but a refresh of their tastes never did any harm anyway. For strawberry milk lovers, the Strawberry Coulis Milk is up your alley for sure. The fresh milk provides a solid base, allowing the flavours and texture of strawberry coulis to shine in every sip. It’s a safe and comforting choice, but my only gripe would be it being a tad too sweet.

Strawberry Coulis Green Tea

The fruit tea represent in this series, the Strawberry Coulis Green Tea, is palatable and refreshing as well. While the notes of green tea are more subtle, taking a backseat to let the strawberry coulis shine a little brighter. So, whether you’re on Team Milk Tea or Team Fruit Tea, either drink still scores a point.

Let’s talk preparation; to give you a sneak peek at what goes on before your cup is filled. Eight plump and fresh Belgium-imported strawberries go into each cup, so you’re getting quality maximus with every sip. Then, these strawberries are slow-cooked by hand, in batches, eventually forming the coulis.

It’s then mixed with fresh milk, freshly brewed jasmine green tea, or yakult into the combination of the drinks available. Painstakingly hand-cooked batch by batch, the yield of coulis covers only nine cups of beverage, which explains why these drinks are available in limited quantities daily. So, be sure to grab these highly coveted drinks in stores now. Milksha Totebag

In July, Milksha will be launching another product, not a drink but a cute tote bag. A statement piece without being showy, it’s a cream white with adorable motifs that proudly displays the identity of this Milksha series: strawberries, cow, bubble teacups and more, so feel free to proclaim your love for their drinks in a snazzy fashion. The tote bag is complimentary when you order the bundle deals listed on the Milksha app.

Strawberry Coulis Series

Good things are both finite and also worth the wait—basically the essence of Milksha’s Strawberry Coulis Series. The Milksha Strawberry Coulis Series are available in all Milksha outlets from 22 June 2021.

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