First dibs: VSOP Chocolate & Whiskey Oriental Beauty BBT join Signature KOI’s alcoholic drinks

It’s no mystery why I got assigned this piece. As a self-proclaimed milk tea princess (a title that’s also backed by my editor Wani), I thrive off pure, unadulterated milk tea. So when Signature KOI announced the launch of new beverages under their Alcohol Series, I was on the next flight over.

A trio of alcoholic drinks at Signature KOI

Joining the rest of the spiked beverages are the VSOP Chocolate (S$10.60) and Whiskey Oriental Beauty (S$14.90), both boasting smoky and bitter-sweet notes for days. We tried the Whiskey Oriental Beauty made hot, proving to be an extremely smooth way of appreciating the whiskey-oriental beauty tea combo. Savour distinct malty flavours accompanied by notes of wild nectar, rose, blackberry, and melon.

A teapot of Whiskey Oriental Beauty & 2 tea cups

I enjoyed the Whiskey Oriental Beauty but my favourite between the two was hands-down the VSOP Chocolate—chocolate’s just my kryptonite that way. What’s particularly fun about the blend is how well the creamy chocolate milk and Brandy VSOP gel together to form a seamless, slightly boozy but also very rich and chocolatey pick-me-up. And as if it wasn’t decadent enough, the drink is also topped with chocolate ice cream and sprinkled with crunchy ice cream cone bits. Talk about bliss.

But these two drinks aren’t the first to grace Signature KOI’s alcoholic menu. The Baileys Earl Grey Milk Tea (S$8.10) is a classic combination that’s hard to go wrong, and even harder to dislike. Fragrant notes of bergamot blended with Baileys is definitely a pairing I can get behind.

A close up of Rum & Raisin milk tea

Of course, the perennial Rum & Raisin Earl Grey Milk Tea (S$9.60) is also available, pandering to fans of the trusty R&R duo. The beverage includes pearls of rum-soaked raisins, a rum shot, rum and raisin ice cream, and of course, milk tea.

A pouring shot of VSOP Ruby

We also had the warm iteration of the VSOP Ruby (S$14.90), proving to be all kinds of woody with a touch of sweetness. I don’t know about you, but this perfect nightcap has my name written all over it.

A plate of macarons

If you’d like something to munch on as you’re unhurriedly savouring your alcoholic drinks, Signature KOI also has desserts like cake slices and macarons for your choosing. Macarons (S$3.80 each, buy 9 get 1 free) come in a myriad of assorted flavours such as pistachio, rose, dark chocolate, and earl grey, amongst others.

The VSOP Chocolate and Whiskey Oriental Beauty are available in Signature KOI stores from today (27 June 2021).

From 1 July to 15 July 2021, Signature KOI is offering 50% off every second drink order on all Alcohol Series beverages.

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