Play a game of Share A Bubble Tea and go on a date

We love our bubble tea; it’s undeniable. While the idea of sharing a cup might be met with stares of incredulity, sharing it with a special someone might sweeten the deal. Play a game of Share A Bubble Tea on Cander, and you might be able to find your special someone.

Cander is a new dating site, a social project which aims to connect Singaporeans between the age of 18 to 30. This brainchild of a Computer Science student from NTU and an associate in a local startup accelerator is an innovative spin on the dating scene in Singapore, infusing local flavours in the conduits of expanding one’s social circle.

Users have to play any personality game they’re interested in on the site based on personality tests like MBTI and Big 5 Personality. Then, they’ll be connected and hopefully have similar vibes. And of course, one of these games is Share A Bubble Tea, where you can get a connection based on the drink and topping combination you love. Yes, bubble tea is a part of our personality, transposed onto countless biographies on dating apps. And finally, a practical purpose for these cups of delicious indulgence.  

Collage Of Bbt Illustrations

It’s short, sweet, and straightforward—the magic happens in a Google Form. You’ll indicate your interest in finding a date, and the fun begins.

Share A Bubble Tea

Choose your preferred tea type—and it pays that the game creators are as specific as they can be, including favourites from Brown Sugar Milk Tea to more niche ones like Green Tea Macchiato and Ovaltine Milk Tea. Rest assured that no bubble tea types would be discriminated against. As they say, all’s is fair in love and bubble tea. And who knows, your potential date may share the same reasons for the love of this same drink.

Then comes your toppings, with such a wide range available you might mistake this form for the menu at Koi or Gongcha. Yes, selecting your toppings here entails a different kind of excitement. Don’t forget to choose your preferred sugar level—a 0% and 100% sugar level in your milk tea makes all the difference, though they could be equally delectable.

Our love for bubble tea has been emblazoned onto our identity. But finding a match based on your bubble tea order is a rather novel idea in Singapore, despite our common love for this drink. Alas, a creative way to meet new people. You’ll be matched with an individual at the end of the campaign, two weeks after the game ends on 5 July 2021. Remember to keep both a lookout for the results in your email and an open mind for this experience, and have fun on your date.

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