Ming Fa Duck Rice: Famous duck rice hawker in Hougang, sells out by 12pm

Ming Fa Duck Rice dons a rather unassuming appearance. This stall, tucked away in a corner of Hougang Hainanese Village Centre, doesn’t have images of its dishes displayed on its storefront. In fact, it doesn’t even have a menu— the only thing displayed on its sign board is the stall’s name, 明发鸭饭, in Chinese.

ming fa duck rice - storefront

The only thing that resembles a “menu” is a label indicating two prices, S$3.50 and S$4. Behind the glass casing containing the food items used by the stall owners, I spotted ingredients like duck meat (obviously), tau kwa, braised eggs and even pig skin. The stall only opens from 6am to 12pm, meaning that you won’t be able to get your fix of duck rice unless you head down early in the morning.

When I visited the stall on a Tuesday around 10am, there was no queue, despite the fact that the stall usually sees snaking queues due to its popularity. The service was quick too— I didn’t have to wait long at all for my food to be prepared!

What I tried at Ming Fa Duck Rice

I ordered a S$3.50 portion of Duck Rice and requested to add a braised egg and tau kwa. To my surprise, the total came up to only S$4, when I had expected it to be at least S$4.50 for the addition of 2 ingredients.

ming fa duck rice - duck rice

When I opened the packet of duck rice, I was delighted to see how saucy the dish was. Aside from there being a generous amount of gravy poured on top of the rice, there was also a heaping serving of sambal chilli with ikan bilis (another element that Ming Fa Duck Rice is famous for, by the way).

For just S$4, I was impressed at the generous portion of food given in the packet.

ming fa duck rice - duck

I first tucked into the slices of duck, which had a slightly firmer mouthfeel, yet managed to retain their tenderness. The meat was a little gamey, which added to its flavour.

The gravy that had been generously laden on to the dish, on the other hand, was rich with hints of sweetness that enhanced its savoury taste. The gravy paired well with the meaty flavours of the duck, making it all the more delectable.

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ming fa duck rice - rice

The yam rice served in the Duck Rice was fragrant on its own with a mild sweetness permeating throughout. It had a stunning golden brown hue that made the dish even more appetising in terms of appearance, and I liked how it wasn’t too dry with just the right amount of moisture.

ming fa duck rice - tau kwa

The tau kwa, which had been drenched in the same gravy, was firm in texture. As with most beancurd products, it had a neutral taste, which helped to balance out the richer flavours of the other elements in the dish. Plus, I loved how liberal Ming Fa Duck Rice was in terms of dishing out the portions.

ming fa duck rice - egg

I did not regret my decision to add on a braised egg to the Duck Rice. The entire egg had been well-marinated, allowing for the sweetness of the braised sauce to be evenly distributed all throughout.

The egg white was soft and not too rubbery or overcooked, while the egg yolk had a delightfully creamy texture.

ming fa duck rice - sambal chilli with ikan bilis

The final element of the Duck Rice that I tried was Ming Fa Duck Rice’s famous sambal chilli with ikan bilis. The sambal chilli had been mixed in with a large amount of ikan bilis, and I loved the large portion that was served.

The sambal chilli striked the perfect balance of sweet, salty and spicy, making it ultra addictive to savour, especially when mixed with the rice. The ikan bilis was a unique addition to the chilli that I liked, but it wasn’t crispy and instead had a slightly soggy texture.

Perhaps if the ikan bilis was not prematurely mixed into the sambal, it would retain its crunch, but nevertheless, the sambal chilli with ikan bilis was a great sauce that made the Duck Rice taste all the more delicious.

Final thoughts

ming fa duck rice - duck rice

It’s no wonder that Ming Fa Duck Rice has garnered as much popularity as it has. With its affordable prices, large portions and quality ingredients, I can see why this stall has plenty of loyal customers that keep coming back for more.

For the best experience, don’t forget to add on extra ingredients to the dish. And be sure to head down early to avoid disappointment, given how the dish sells out early!

Expected damage: S$3.50 – S$4 per pax

We tried Singapore’s best-rated duck rice

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Ming Fa Duck Rice

105 Hougang Avenue 1, Hougang Hainanese Village Centre, #02-01, Singapore 530105

Our Rating 5/5

Ming Fa Duck Rice

105 Hougang Avenue 1, Hougang Hainanese Village Centre, #02-01, Singapore 530105

Telephone: +65 8278 1251
Operating Hours: 6am - 12pm (Tue to Sat), Closed on Sun & Mon
Telephone: +65 8278 1251

Operating Hours: 6am - 12pm (Tue to Sat), Closed on Sun & Mon