Test Your Spice Tolerance With Mister Potato x Daebak Limited Edition Ghost Pepper Black Crisps

I’m sure most of you remember when MAMEE’s Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodles, coined the world’s spiciest ghost pepper instant noodles, landed in Singapore after debuting in Malaysia. Following that, MAMEE unveiled the Ghost Pepper Mamee noodles in their unconventional blue and black packaging, eye-catching and very deterring.

This time, they’ve done it again, but in the form of potato chips—Mister Potato x Daebak Limited Edition Ghost Pepper Black Crisps.

Mister Potato Online

Mister Potato is the number one potato brand in Malaysia and is owned by MAMEE-Double Decker, an internationally recognised manufacturer of over 50 products under 10 brands globally. Mister Potato Chips and Mister Potato Crisps are some of the products that are well-known and well-loved in over 100 countries where the brand is sold.

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This March, Mister Potato has collaborated with sister brand Daebak to release their newest flavour, the Mister Potato x Daebak Limited Edition Ghost Pepper Black Crisps (RM3.90). These crisps come in a much smaller canister than the ones than we’re used to seeing, but for a very good reason—there’s no way you’d be able to finish a large can of these flaming crisps in one go.

If you’ve tried your hand at the original Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodles, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Similar to the ghost pepper noodles and MAMEE noodles, these crisps are served up in an ominous shade of black, along with its black and red packaging. If you can successfully finish these crisps within the stipulated time, you’ll earn a certificate of achievement from Mister Potato, although I’m not sure it’s worth the burn you’re sure to experience in both holes, if you know what I mean.

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They even have a Diameter of Success for you to measure how well you did in finishing these crazy spicy crisps: ‘Hottest Potato Squad’ for those who finish it in under 30 seconds, ‘Alien’ if you finish it in less than a minute, ‘Super Human’ if you finish it under three minutes, ‘Ordinary Human’ if you finish it in ten minutes, and ‘Meh’ if you took longer than 10 minutes.

For the sake of my body and sanity, I will gladly and willingly be ‘Meh’ on the Diameter of Success. To all you spicy-lovers out there, I challenge you to try these crisps once they reach Singapore and good luck to your digestive system!

Dates & Times: Available at 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia for a limited time 

Price: RM3.90