Taiwanese Artist & Co-Owner Nono Is Bringing Monga Fried Chicken To Singapore

Last Updated: August 25, 2019

Written by Carlissia Kew

We know Singaporeans love to visit Taiwan for its popular street snacks. Since we can’t fly there every time our fried chicken craving hits, the next best thing will be when the famous Monga Fried Chicken from Taiwan comes to Singapore.


We’re not sure when Monga Fried Chicken will be gracing our shores, but keep a lookout on their Facebook or Instagram for updates.

If you’re a fan of Taiwanese variety shows, you might find the character in Monga’s logo slightly familiar.

He is none other than popular Taiwanese artist Nono, who is famous for his comedic personality on game shows. Monga was created through the collaboration of Nono and Liu Mingdao, who Monga dubs as the king of Taiwanese Fried Chicken.

Fried chicken lovers can look forward to their thick chicken fillet slices, which are at least two centimetres thick.

According to Monga, a thick cut is used so that the fillet will not lose its juiciness from being fried at a high temperature.

The chicken is marinated using good quality pure soy sauce, and replaces the typical granulated sugar with honey, which helps to makes the fillet softer.

And to ensure the chicken comes out crispy at the end, they use their golden ratio of fried flour, as well as a double-fry method for their chicken.

Apart from the original flavour, you can also expect their Hot Chick flavour for a spicy kick.

If you like seaweed shaker fries, you’ll be interested in their seaweed flavour, Taiker.

For times when you feel like munching on something crispy, Monga also offers fried chicken skin.

They’ll even have nuggets as well!

We will be keeping a lookout for updates on Monga’s opening date, and hope we can get an authentic taste of Taiwan’s popular fried chicken soon.

All you fried chicken lovers, make sure to stay tuned to Monga Fried Chicken’s Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Dates & Times: Unannounced 

Prices: To be confirmed 

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