Sleep like a baby and wake up like a boss with Monkey Shoulder’s limited-edition Pyjama Suit

After almost two years of working from home, do you still struggle with getting out of bed and suiting up for Zoom calls? Like many, I’m sure you do but worry no more as Monkey Shoulder has got you covered (quite literally). Following their successful launch of Zoomtails—pre-mixed limited-edition cocktails in a can—under the “Don’t Let The Grind Get You Down” campaign, they’re back with a second installation—a limited-edition Pyjama Suit.

Monkey Shoulder Pyjama Suit
Credit – Monkey Shoulder

Now you can go from sleeping like a baby to looking like a boss in a matter of minutes. Clock in that extra minutes of rolling in bed with the comfortable Pyjama Suit—co-created with Laughing Tiger. What better way to liven up the mood by adorning this pretty nifty creation to the mundane virtual calls, right?

Monkey Shoulder Prize Pack
Credit – Monkey Shoulder

Wondering how you can get yourself a pair? The Pyjama Suit will be exclusively available through an online contest that will run from now until 5 December 2021. To qualify, all you have to do is purchase* a bottle of Monkey Shoulder, upload the receipt to the contest page and answer a question to win yourself a WFHamper Prize. It’s that simple!

The WFHamper Prize will include the all-new 200ml Ginger Monkey pack (a bottle of Monkey Shoulder and four cans of ginger ale), a Set of Zoomtails—refreshing limited-edition cocktails that are a playful ode to relatable Zoom jargon and tired phrases, created in collaboration with Sago House—and the coveted Monkey Shoulder Pyjama Suit.

With WFH and hybrid working being so prevalent these days, the lines beyond work and one’s personal life have been blurred beyond recognition. When really is a good time to schedule that Monday virtual team meeting? And how does happy hour work when one works from home anyway?

*All Monkey Shoulder purchases made in Singapore are eligible for the contest.

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