MooJaa, Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat (Closed): Singapore Food Review

“Indulging in quality Mookata”

moojaa mookata thai bbq steamboat

I’ve been hearing great reviews about MooJaa and have been wanting to try their Mookata for the longest time. The black washed walls, bright red seats, and the oddly placed chandeliers literally screams quirky. Even by their name MooJaa which translates to an endearing term ‘my lovely pig’ – I am liking that place already.

moojaa - charcoal

MooJaa uses bincho-tan (white charcoal) as the fuel, so there is relatively less ‘smoke’ and there isn’t a need to adjust heat settings. Also, the hot pots are actually placed in a hole cutout in the center of the table. Less clutter on the table surface makes barbequing a whole lot easier and safer.

The ashes also don’t fly around and risk getting into your food. Moojaa seems to be the only Thai Mookata restaurant that has this feature.

moojaa - fish skin

Fish Skin ($6). Rather crispy, great for dipping into one of the special chilli sauces and snack while waiting for your food to cook.

moojaa - cheeseballs

Cheese Ball ($8). Served hot with cheese oozing out that was not bad, throw it into to the soup base if the cheese meatballs have gone cold. It just doesn’t taste as nice when left for too long.

moojaa - cheeseball

The soup base is made from boiling chicken and pork bones. Relatively bland at the start, the soup broth will get tastier when grease from cooking meat on the domed-shape pot rolls off into the soup. Indeed, the longer we cooked, the more flavorful the soup tasted.

moojaa - thai bbq steamboat mookata

There are four Mookata sets available: ala-carte buffet ($32/diner), King Moo ($60 for 3 pax, inclusive of US Angus Beef and Kurobuta Pork Belly), Set Moo ($45 for 2 pax), and Set Gai ($45 for 2 pax, no beef). We went for the ala-carte buffet set.

The attentive servers will help to set your soup base and ingredients, which is great for Mookata first timers. Much better than being left to your own devices.

moojaa - mookata platter

The seafood ingredients are very fresh, infusing seafood sweetness into the soup broth. Although the prawns, scallops and abalone are not of premium quality it is definitely worth the money paid for (it’s free-flow after all). There isn’t a large range of vegetable choices, but honestly most diners are here for the meat.

Pork belly and the marinated meat are not too heavy on the seasoning, so as to enjoy the meat together with special sauces provided.

moojaa - meat

U.S Angus Beef Slice and Kurobuta Pork Collar Slice (limited to either one plate of U.S Angus Beef or Kurobuta Pork). The meat tasted satisfying enough after grilling, although the pork had a slight ‘porky’ aftertaste to it. So I’d recommend to go for the beef slices.

moojaa - sauces

Almost every Mookata restaurant has their own special chilli sauce, MooJaa included. They have two sauces, each claimed to contain a secret recipe of thirty different herb and spice, boiled and stirred non-stop for 6 hours.

The sweet tangy chilli sauce was so-so, and I preferred the other which is more savory with an umami lift and yet not overly spicy for those with low tolerance. If it gets to much, you could always order their homemade Thai Iced Tea ($2.50) to wash down the heat and spiciness.

To improve the comfort of the customers, MooJaa has improved on their ventilation and air conditioning system. Inevitable that you will come out from a barbeque or Mookata restaurant smelling like one, but at least the ‘damage’ is minimized.

The personalized and attentive service given even when it is just a casual dining restaurant is probably why Moojaa is a popular spot for Mookata crowd.

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Expected damage: $30-38/pax

MooJaa, Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat: 25 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089132 | Tel: 6536 4780 | Website